One Last Thought About Delegation…

This month, I wanted to get your wheels turning on WHO could help you grow your business rather than just HOW…

And if you’ve been following along, we’ve talked about building a team, figuring out what your time is worth, and finding those A-players who can take tasks off your plate and do them nearly as well (if not better) than you.

But here’s the big plot twist…

Sometimes, the “who” that can help you scale isn’t someone on your team.

In fact, sometimes OUTSIDE resources can be JUST as critical for your growth as the people you hire internally!

Think about it…

Almost every successful entrepreneur has a coach, mentor, or a community they can leverage to borrow other peoples’ experience and see what’s working outside of their “bubble”…

And if you don’t already have a community where you can get feedback, ask questions, get tools to grow your business, or figure out what’s working in the health and fitness space…

That’s exactly what Content Club is about — and you can try it out HERE!

On TOP of us giving you NEW high-converting marketing and social media templates every month to help you grow your business in 3 hours or less…

You also get access to:

  • LIVE Monthly Coaching Calls where you can ask questions and get feedback on your offers, content, marketing, and talk through your stickiest business challenges (and hear what’s working for other health & fitness coaches!) 
  • Proven copy-&-paste marketing campaigns to fill up your programs and drive consistent revenue 
  • Daily support if you get stuck or have questions about how to use your content 

Plus TONS of self-paced bonus trainings to help you build an online presence you’re proud of.

This is like having a team of strategists, marketers, content creators, and designers behind you for LESS than the cost of what ONE new client could bring in.

(And yes, you really CAN ask us anything!)

So if you want to pop in and take a look around, you can learn more and join us here!

Either way, I want to encourage you to start thinking about how you can EXPAND your support network this year…

Where are you getting stuck? Who do you wish you had in your back pocket? How much faster could you go if you cut out all the guesswork?

No one gets a gold star for doing it alone!

Make it an amazing day,


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