Why Your Low-Paying Clients Aren’t Upgrading

This month I’ve been talking about how to improve your lead follow-up to land more paying clients…

But what happens when people keep taking your low-ticket offers and not your high-ticket offers?

It’s simple: STOP positioning your low-ticket offers as “everything they need” to achieve their goal.

Instead, position your low-ticket offers as a quick win or the first step towards what they really want.

That way, when you follow up to invite them into your signature program, it feels like a natural progression — not a hardcore sales pitch or a totally random ask.

So, in your messaging, make it clear that while they’ll get value and REAL RESULTS during your initial low-ticket or front-end offer…

But also make it clear that it’s just the FIRST STEP towards reaching their goals.

For example, you might start with a 21-Day Habit Challenge and focus your messaging on how establishing consistency is a great first step to kickstart their journey and build momentum.

Then, when the challenge is coming to an end, you can introduce your signature coaching program as the next step to take their progress to the next level and achieve lasting results.

In your follow up, you can emphasize how the habits they’ve started in the 21-Day Challenge are just the beginning, and how your signature program will provide them with the tools, support, and accountability they need to truly transform their lives.

You could even say something like, “You’ve made amazing progress in just 21 days, imagine what you could achieve in X months with even more support and guidance!”

See how much simpler that is than having to convince them they need your signature program?

By laying the groundwork and showing them the natural progression from the very beginning, you’re making the decision easier for them.

You got this!

Make it an amazing day,


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