What I Would Do If I Wanted To Save 10+ Hours This Month

The ONLY way to get your time back as a busy coach is to start thinking about your time differently.

We’re taught our whole lives that we have to “work hard” to succeed, and although there is SOME truth to that…

It’s important to recognize that working SMART is how you play the long-game.

So, if I wanted to save 10+ hours this month, here’s what I would do…

1. I would make a list of all my “5 minute tasks” like scheduling social media posts, responding to standard client inquiries, and managing appointment confirmations, and automate them.

If there wasn’t technology available to do these things for me, I would create a system and hand it off to a virtual assistant.

If I couldn’t afford a virtual assistant, then I would prioritize these tasks to handle them during low-energy times of my day to make sure they don’t interfere with my peak creative or coaching hours.


2. I would BATCH any repetitive tasks I couldn’t automate. Instead of doing a little bit of admin work here and there, or sending a follow-up email whenever I thought of it, I would put time on my calendar dedicated exclusively to handling these items in bulk.

3. I would create templates out of ALL of my high-performing content. Creating content and marketing from scratch every week can take 10+ hours alone — so anything I could use to make sure that I’m consistently posting quality material without having to start from zero each time would be a game changer.

(This includes email newsletters, reels, social posts, Facebook ads, and lead magnets, all of which we give you inside of Content Club so all you have to do is fill in the blanks!)

Yes, it will feel a little unnatural at first…

And yes, if you’re used to being stressed out all the time, it might feel like there’s something “wrong” when you don’t have a million things to do…

But THIS is how you make space for growth, impact, and some well-deserved rest.

Your time is valuable — so use what you have at your disposal to protect it!

Make it an amazing day,


P.S. If you look through the 100+ reviews we have on this page about Content Club, you’ll notice that TIME is one of the biggest benefits.

It doesn’t matter what stage of growth you’re in — you can’t do it all yourself! Even if you choose just one of the strategies above, you’ll FEEL the difference in your business!

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