Want Better Results? Do LESS!

My word this year is “SIMPLE”.


(OK, I have two. FUN and simple )

I’m keeping my marketing simple, my offers simple, my schedule simple, and my LIFE simple.

Since I started running everything I do through my “simple” filter, everything has gotten a whole lot easier.

I no longer need to create new offers and funnels just to keep myself busy…

I’ve stopped getting caught up in “shiny object syndrome”…

And I’m getting MORE done with LESS stress because I’m only focusing on what moves the needle.

I’m sharing this because most of the questions I get about running a business boil down to one thing: you’re doing too much.

Instead of asking what you SHOULD be doing…

Start asking what you SHOULDN’T be doing.

Do you really need to create a new signature program?

Do you really need to start that Facebook group or podcast?

Do you really need to be writing all of your content from scratch?

Just food for thought 😉

Make it an amazing day,


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