This STOPPED Me In My Tracks.

I’m in the middle of Tim Ferriss’ new book Tool of Titans, and it’s AWESOME.

I pre-ordered it a couple of months ago and finally got it in the mail last week. It’s about 2 inches thick…for real.

It’s the kind of book you can skip around in, so that’s exactly what I’m doing.

Tim shares the tactics, routines, and habits of billionaires, icons, and world-class performers….and I HIGHLY recommend it.

This morning, I was reading the chapter with Tony Robbins.

And this is what I read….. (these are quotes from Tony in the book)

That stopped me in my tracks.

Stressed is the achiever word for fear!? Interesting perspective- I like it a lot.

I challenge you to sit and think about that for a few minutes today.

I know I certainly did.

We can’t always control the “stressors” that come into our life, but we certainly can control our perception of that stress.

Let’s say you’ve got 10 things you MUST get done today. You’re day is going to look at LOT different if:

1. You’re organized, time-blocked, are distraction-free, and prioritize your tasks, versus:
2. You’ve got your to-do list on 5 sheets of paper, you’ve got Facebook up in one tab, your email up in another, and you’ve got your phone sitting next to your computer, and you’re sitting there thinking there’s no way to get this all done.

You’re setting yourself up to be STRESSED in situation #2. Same amount of stuff to be done in each situation, but your day is going to look and feel a lot different!

This quote applies to a lot more than just being stressed about “overwhelm,” but it’s a great place to start.

We’re in the middle of December and we’ve all got a little more than usual going on with running our businesses, getting ready for the holidays, and preparing for our New Year Challenges.

Get organized, prioritize, eliminate, delegate, and focus on ONE thing at a time.

Hope this quote helps to shift your perspective on being “stressed”…..because it certainly did for me!

Oh- and those other 2 quotes are incredible also, so I wanted to make sure to get those in the pic as well for you 😉

Make it productive day!


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