17 Ways To Finish Strong In 2016! (and special announcement!)

Can you believe it’s DECEMBER already!?

I’m very excited because on Tuesday (12/6), I’ll be releasing my 2017 edition of my Done-for-You Facebook Content!

You’ll get an ENTIRE year’s worth of weekly challenges, recipes, workouts, tips, and conversation-starters designed to help you boost retention, generate leads, over-deliver, and save you time and energy in your business.

It’s an amazing tool designed for your Facebook Groups (but you can also use the content for emails!). Keep your eyes open because the first 75 people to pick it up Tuesday will be getting a little something extra 🙂

2017 is right around the corner- so let’s finish out 2016 STRONG. Here are 17 ways you can finish out the year with a bang…

December Client / Team Appreciation:santa-claus-1819933_960_720

  • Send out your client holiday cards / gifts
  • Have your end of year client holiday party
  • Take your team out for a nice team lunch or dinner (maybe do a white elephant gift exchange)
  • Bonus / Gifts for your Team

Step-It Up it in December: Continue to….

  • Diligently follow-up with your prospects (and track everything)
  • Run your client reactivation campaign
  • Time Block the upcoming week
  • Schedule at least 60 minutes per day to work ON your business each week
  • Work on tweaking or creating at least one new system each week
  • Personally text 5 clients each week with an empowering text
  • Create a relationship with 1 new business each week

Plan Ahead for January:

  • Plan out your New Year Challenge / Promotion (complete your funnels, marketing emails, Facebook ads, etc.)
  • Consider hosting a New Year Goal-Setting or 2017 Vision Board Workshop
  • Plan out your January blog posts
  • Craft your January social media strategy

And most importantly

  • Put up an auto-responder around the holiday time so when people email you, they get an email back saying that you wish them a happy holiday and you’ll get back with them on X date.” (this way you won’t feel obligated to respond ASAP and you can relax!)
  • Schedule in time OFF from your business and enjoy your time with your family and friends!
  • Be PRESENT when you are celebrating and have FUN!!!!

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