This Hidden Belief Held Me Back In My Business For Years …


I was at the end of my rope.

My client load was maxed out with 1 on 1’s.

I was sleeping in my car between PT sessions …

Hitting the Panera drive-through because I was too exhausted to meal prep …

I rarely spent time with my family, and when I did, it wasn’t good because I was always thinking about all of the things I needed to do.

This was my day-to-day life for years.

Because I used to believe that working MORE HOURS and WORKING HARDER was the only way to get there.

It was ingrained in me since I was a little girl, when I watched my Dad work 20-hour days to grow his landscaping and tree service business.

He’s my hero.

I learned my work ethic and dedication from him.

I learned how important it was to find something you’re intensely passionate about.

And I’ve learned a million other things from him.

So it kind of made sense that I always associated working my tail off with success.

The problem was, there finally came a point when I physically didn’t have ANY more hours in the day to give.

I didn’t have another ounce of energy.

Yet I still WANTED MORE…

… I wanted to help more people…
… I wanted more financial freedom…
… I wanted to see what I was truly capable of achieving.

But I sure as he$$ didn’t want to be more stressed or be working every waking hour to get there.

My brain told me to SHRINK MY GOALS …

because it automatically associated bigger goals with working harder. It wouldn’t be worth the struggle.

This feeling hung on for YEARS.

But then one day the lightbulb turned on and I finally realized that this was a FALSE BELIEF…

And that there WAS a better way, and that I WAS capable of making it happen.

Everything began to change when I stopped trying to reinvent the wheel.

I had the drive — I just needed to rethink my approach.

👉 I shifted my model from 1-1 to group training.
👉 I leveraged tech to do the heaving lifting for me.
👉 I started growing my team so I wasn’t doing everything myself.

🚀 And most importantly, I installed systems to be able to grow and scale without me being involved every step of the way.

I started investing in coaches and programs to buy SPEED rather than go through the pain of figuring it all out on my own.

And you know what …

I was able to cut my hours by 75% while helping even MORE people.
I exponentially multiplied my PROFIT.
I built better relationships with my family and friends.
I prioritized my own health and fitness again.
And I got a helluva lot HAPPIER.

So if you’re in a place where you’re playing small because you simply don’t have another ounce of energy or time to give…

Or you’re getting frustrated because you’re working your a$$ off and still aren’t getting results…


Get creative.
Think differently.
Make it happen.

Life is too short to get stuck on the hamster wheel.

👇👇 If you agree, let me know 👇👇 (and if you don’t, let me know that, too!)
(And this is a pic of me & my Dad. He never gets in pics, so it’s one from my wedding 14 years ago 🙂)

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