Swipe These Client Survey Questions Now!

I run transformation challenges 4-5 times per year in my fitness business.

I tweak them every time to make them better and more effective.

We’ve now got them running like a well oiled machine.

And…if you’re looking to implement a results-oriented, profit-driven transformation challenge (that’s 100% done-for-you) into your program, I’ll be launching my highest grossing challenge in less than 1 week! (shameless plug)

cfBack to the survey questions…

At the end of each challenge, I send out an AUTOMATED email with a link to a Survey Monkey questionnaire.

If I didn’t automate it, it wouldn’t get done.

I have this set to send the day AFTER their challenge ends.

I usually include some kind of an incentive for them to complete the survey- like a raffle for supplementation or a gift certificate towards something in our program.

I find incentivizing will get more people to fill it out. (make sure to let them know the deadline for the raffle- or they will never get it done)

Also- I make the survey anonymous, so people are always honest with me.

Within a week, I usually have fantastic constructive feedback to use to make our transformation challenges even better.

Here are a few questions I use that get great feedback:

1. How would you rank your overall experience with (Challenge Name)? (1-10)

2. If we scored anything LESS than a 10, please let us know what we can do to make it a 10.

3. What specific results did you achieve during your challenge?

4. Did you follow the meal plan for the entire challenge?

5. If not, what was your biggest obstacle getting in the way from you following the meal plan?

6. What was the #1 thing you learned that you’ll take-away from this experience?

7. Would you recommend this challenge to one of your friends, co-workers, or family members?

(if there’s someone specific you have in mind, we’re happy to reach out to them on your behalf. Enter their name and contact info here: (we promise not to harass them! Just a friendly contact to let them know about our program and invite them in to meet with us. If they end up joining us, you’ll get _______)

I’ll also ask them about their workouts and how they would rate our instructors.

After (and before) the survey, let them know how much you appreciate their feedback and that you take each answer they give very seriously.

I like to have a mix of questions from ranking, to yes/no, to open ended questions.

It’s all about the client- the more you understand their needs and what they’re looking for, the more easily you’re able to provide it 🙂

Remember- automation is the key!

Make it a productive day,


P.S. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for my new 6-week DONE-FOR-YOU transformation challenge at the end of this week!!

I’ll have a special bonus for the first 50 who pick it up.

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