Steps To Create Quarterly Evals For Your Staff

If you have staff, you’ll know that your team is one of the biggest assets in your business.

You’ll also know that it can be one of the most challenging parts.

Creating a strong team doesn’t happen with the “set it and forget it approach.”

You can’t train your staff on a specific task and then expect they’ll perform it perfectly from here on out.

And…even if they “get it” in the beginning, you can’t expect for them to continue doing it perfectly for months or years to come.

I know you’ve heard the phrase “what you can measure you can manage.”

cfYou have to have a system of checks and balances for your staff.

For me, that comes from performing quarterly evaluations.

I use my Quarterly Evaluations to:

  • ensure my team is performing to my expectations
  • ensure my team can recite our core values and mission statement
  • give bonuses and recognition if they are deserved
  • create goals with them for the upcoming quarter

Here’s how I do it… My evaluations are 2 pages.

On the first page, I’ve created a ranking sheet that details their job expectations.

Everything from performing according to each of our core values, to attending team meetings, to program design to working with our clients, etc.

Next to each item, I have a ranking from 1-10 and a space for notes.

On the second page, I have an area for an overview of their performance for the past quarter, as well as an overall ranking 1-10 of how they performed.

Then, I have a space for goal setting, where the team member and I will create goals for both their personal and professional improvement to focus on for the upcoming quarter.

Goal setting is equally important for your team members as it is for you and your clients- don’t forget about their needs and desires for growth!

Lastly, there’s a section where both you and the team member signs off on their eval.

I give a blank evaluation form (I have one created for each position in our business) to each team member.

They need to complete their own evaluation and bring it with them to the meeting (and I complete their evaluation as well)

At the meeting, I go through each item in detail, evaluating their performance, and them compare it to what they ranked themselves on.

This is a great opportunity to see how your team members view themselves.

It also make sure they are always aware of their responsibilities and that they know they’re getting evaluated on a regular basis.

This ONE simple system will really help you to ensure your team is performing to your standards, and help address any issues that may need fixing.

Hope you enjoy your Sunday 🙂


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