What’s In My New Client Welcome Package?

Once someone signs up for one of our programs, our goal is to BLOW them away.

To “Overdeliver” is one of our core values as a company.

That’s exactly why we mail out a new client “Welcome Package” within the first week they sign up.

It’s a part of our New Client Onboarding System.animal-1320792_1280

No one gets anything fun in the mail anymore.

I remember running to the mailbox as a kid every day when the mailman got there.

Now, all we get are bills and junk mail.

Not exactly the highlight of my day.

When our new clients get a package with a huge sticker that says “OPEN FOR AWESOMENESS”, it gets them excited and puts a smile on their face.

It’s unexpected and our clients LOVE it.

Want to know what we put in our welcome package?

Here you go…

  1. Handwritten & Personalized Thank You Card
  2. Motivational Wristband with a nice card attached explaining what it means.
  3. Forte Fitness Nutrition Journal
  4. Sample Supplements  
  5. A Forte “Unstoppable” Tee Shirt
  6. A 50% off coupon for one workshop
  7. Folder branded with our logo that is loaded with information about Forte Fitness, our mission and values, and more details about out program and how we work with our clients. We also include supplement info and talk about our other services like workshops and nutritional coaching.

That’s it!

It’s simple and easy, but it means the world to our clients.

If you don’t mail out a welcome package to your clients, consider adding one to your onboarding process!

Remember- client retention is KEY!

It’s a LOT easier and less expensive to keep a client than it is to market and sell a new one into your program.

Hope this post gives you a few new ideas on how to over-deliver to your clients.

Make it a productive day,


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