Step 2: Your New Client Onboarding Blueprint!

How did your recent “Onboarding Brain Dump” go?

Did you get any new ideas about your clients and how to serve them better!?

I loved the feedback I got- so many of you are taking action on this!! One woman even told me I should be charging for this training series! 🙂

As promised, let’s map out the next step in your New Client Onboarding System.

I look at systems as if they are living and breathing.

As YOU change, grow, and evolve in your business… your systems will change, grow, and evolve right along with you. It’s important to stay flexible, keep an open mind, and continually revisit and refine your systems as you go.

It’s too easy to get caught up doing something because it’s the “same way you’ve always done it” and not make any changes to it until it becomes a problem. Don’t let that be you!

If you haven’t completed Step #1, click here first to complete your “Onboarding Brain Dump” before you move on to the next step. (You can’t skip the first part and STILL be successful with your process!)

Before we dive in, remember that the goal of your New Client Onboarding system is to anticipate exactly what your members want and need before they want and need it…

and then BLOW THEM AWAY by delivering an incredible experience that not only fulfills those needs and wants but takes it to the next level.

It’s your unique blueprint for delivering that CONSISTENT and amazing experience…. and also how you systematically and strategically get before and after pics, build social proof, testimonials, and reviews… and ask for their referrals.

Basically, it’s your bulletproof plan to make sure nothing (and no one!) slips through the cracks.

Alright, it’s go time!

Step #2: Create Your New Client Onboarding BLUEPRINT!

Ready to drill down and create a map for exactly HOW and WHEN you are going to deliver information and support to your new members? Let’s do it!

Go grab your notes from the “brain dump” exercise from step one. Note: You’re going to need more paper or a whiteboard.

Now that you know what your new clients need, want, and how they’re feeling, it’s time to think about how you’re going to DELIVER an amazing experience that will address what you wrote down.

For each of the pain points, challenges, struggles, and items that you wrote down yesterday… it’s time to come up with the specific, tactical strategies that will address each of these issues.

What EXACTLY can you do to get the results you’re looking for and make their experience come to life?

  • Do you need a “welcome” series of emails or messages?
  • How often will you call to check in? Text? PM? Have an unexpected drop-in kitchen raid at their house? (kidding, not kidding)
  • How about personalized “welcome” videos from the owner (if you’re not the one signing them up)?
  • Would they benefit from a new member handbook or manual?
  • Do they need a video series to educate them about anything important?
  • How about a meal plan/nutrition guide?
  • What about an orientation?
  • New Client Welcome Package and Swag?
  • Accountability coach or partner?
  • Do you need a private Facebook group just for clients?

Do you see how the list goes on and on?

You also want to think about the way you coach your clients, how you want to make them FEEL the second they step in the facility, answer that phone call, or pop into your private Facebook group.

Don’t forget to include the business-building extras like asking for before and after pictures, measurements, etc., along with requests for referrals or testimonials.

Most importantly, do not let this process overwhelm you… just start writing ALL of the things you COULD do to deliver the incredible experience you want to provide. Have fun with it!!

And remember- this is just a list of what you COULD do.

Just because you CAN, doesn’t mean you SHOULD.

****You’ll go through this list later and pick out the most impactful ideas to implement.

For right now, just do some solid brainstorming on the tangible and intangible things you can do to create your new client onboarding process.

Make sure whatever you write down is addressing a specific NEED that you mentioned in your brain dump.


TAKE A BREAK! Come back in a few hours or even better, the next day!

Once you’ve had a chance to rest your brain and let some of your ideas marinate, it’s time to make some decisions!

Time to narrow it down.

  • Which SPECIFIC ideas will create the most impact and biggest difference?
  • Which ideas make the most sense for your business and budget?
  • Which ideas will help you create the most leverage?
  • Which ideas can you automate and delegate?
  • Which ideas are the most PRACTICAL?

Once you’ve got your list together, it’s time to start mapping it out! (and always keep in mind you’re coming from the perspective of being “in your member’s shoes!”)

Grab a whiteboard or piece of paper and map out that first 90 days of your new client journey.

WHAT exactly will you be doing and WHEN will you be doing it?

Remember- you’re not doing ANY of the work now, you’re just mapping out 90-day experience 🙂

Take your time, and get it FINISHED!

Next up, step 3, I’m going to walk you through the actual IMPLEMENTATION and TRACKING of your onboarding system!

WHOA. I know this is a lot. But do you want to know a secret?

This is the stuff that MOST PEOPLE are not willing to do.

It takes work. But I GUARANTEE you that if you take the time to do this right, you’ll be able to achieve an entirely new level in your business… and create ravings fans for life.

Make it a productive day,

P.S. If you’re interested in my coaching program, hop over to my Fit Pro Accelerator site so I can fill you in on the details. I specialize in helping fitness pros build systems (and in addition to coaching, I provide the resources and tools to get this done FASTER.) 

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