Steal My Transformation Challenge Checklist

Our #1 source of new leads (by far) in my fitness business is Transformation Challenges.

We send emails and run ads on Facebook, bring people into our program for the FEO, and then convert our challengers into memberships.

Our challenges are complete with everything from a success guide, to printable meal plans and grocery lists, to built-in accountability to make sure everyone stays on track.

I like to have systems and checklists for EVERYTHING.

It’s just a series of repeatable steps that I use every time to make my life easier.

I have one for just about everything in my business, including my transformation challenges.

When I launch a new challenge, I follow the same steps every time.

Checklists save time, keep me on schedule, and makes sure I don’t forget anything important.

If you need a killer, done-for-you transformation challenge for your 2016 New Year Challenge (or if you want to stock up for later next year), I will be releasing brand new 28-Day Challenge TOMORROW, December 28th!

You’ll literally get everything you need to run a successful, ridiculously profitable transformation challenge that your clients will LOVE.

More to come on that tomorrow…

In the mean time, swipe my transformation challenge checklist- just right click the image to download the .doc version!

Transformation Challenge Checklist


Hope this helps to save you time and energy for your next challenge!

Alicia 🙂 

P.S.  Keep your eyes open for the release of my 28-Day Transformation Challenge coming out tomorrow! 

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