Productivity Gold: Weekly Time Blocking

Want to completely DOMINATE and get incredible results?

Me too.  I’m going to share something with you that’ll 10x your productivity….no joke.

I know it will- because it completely transformed mine.

I used to HATE being bound to a schedule.

Seeing my entire week planned on paper literally made me anxious.

I’d try planning my schedule for the upcoming day, and that seemed to work pretty well- but I noticed I wasn’t really making PROGRESS or moving forward in my business.

My coach basically threatened to fire me as a client if I didn’t start keeping a better weekly schedule.

I’m stubborn, and held out as long as I could, and then finally gave in a gave it a try.

It wasn’t easy.  I quickly realized how much time I was actually WASTING every day– even though I thought I was being productive.

I also realized that my schedule was simple a personal accountability strategy…..no reason to be anxious- because I was the one creating the time blocks!

So- if you’re in the majority of entrepreneurs that never “manage to get it all done”….then you have GOT to try creating a weekly schedule.

Here’s exactly how I do it: 

I schedule out an ENTIRE week in advance for my business.  I do this every Sunday for 30 minutes to an hour max.

I use Google Calendar.

To give you an idea, each block is 60 minutes.  50 minutes of actual work time and 10 min break.

Here are the Time Blocks I use to Create my Daily Schedule: 

  • Personal Growth (.5 – 1 block)
  • Workout (1 block)
  • Eating (.5 – 1 block)
  • Top Priority Block (1 block – this is the MOST important thing I must get done that day to move my business forward.  This goes in the FIRST available spot daily)
  • Creation Blocks (2-4 x 1 block) (this is time spent “creating” things such as content, marketing, etc.)
  • Focus / Strategy Blocks (1-2 blocks daily) 
  • Buffer Time (2 x .5 blocks – in case you run over on other tasks)
  • Email / Voicemail Blocks (1-3 x .5 blocks – dedicated time to check your email & voicemail)
  • Coaching Block (depends on the day)
  • Review Blocks (.5 block – at the end of every work day)
  • Schedule Planning Block (1 block per week. This is planning your weekly schedule 🙂 
  • Personal Time (depends on the day)

Your challenge this week is to plan out the REST of this week with scheduled blocks.

Fill in each Creation and Focus Block with specific tasks you need to accomplish if you’re able to.

Tip #1: One thing to ask yourself before you write any task in your schedule is: “is this in my 5%, or is this something I should delegate?”  

This will really help you to start fine-tuning your schedule to maximize your productivity.

Take notes throughout the week if you over or under planned for certain tasks.

This will give you an incredible perspective on how long it actually takes you to do certain things in your business.

Tip #2: ONLY do that thing in your time block!  Ever sit down to write that blog post, but find yourself checking  your email or Facebook every 5 minutes?

This will DESTROY your productivity. Stay focused and eliminate distraction.

It takes practice…..be patient with yourself as you develop this new habit.

If you want this year to be different, you need to change the way you plan and spend your time.  

Why wait until 2016 to start creating a new habit?

Start TODAY by planning your weekly schedule.

Leave a comment below if you’re in for the challenge! I’d love to know if you accept 🙂

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