Front Of The House Vs. Back Of The House

How did you do on your systems audit from last week? Was it an eye-opening exercise?

If you haven’t checked out the systems audit checklist, you can do that over here.

Today I want to talk to you about a new strategy that has made a MASSIVE difference in my productivity.

Recently, I’ve turned my Fridays into “Back-of-the-House Fridays.

This means NONE of these activities are on my schedule on Fridays:

  • no team meetings
  • no client calls
  • no coaching sessions
  • no sales calls

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE “front of the house” activities. Some of my most favorite things to do are coaching my clients, taking sales calls, and working with my team…

But for me, when I started dedicating one day each week to back-of-the-house activities, my productivity began to skyrocket.

I’ve got some pretty big goals this year, and the ONLY way to accomplish them is to take even more control over my schedule.

“Time management is a misnomer, the challenge is to manage ourselves.”– Stephen Covey

So now, my Fridays are reserved ONLY for content creation, content review, and some blocked time for email/follow-up.

When I switch gears during the day, for example…. going from a group coaching call to a content creation block, it takes me too long to transition over. I lose valuable time.

My brain is usually still fired up from coaching and I’m not able to “get into the flow” easily when I sit down to write or record.

So rather than have each day of the week blocked out with everything from content creation to coaching to team meetings, I’m theming out my days.

Here’s the secret…

You have GOT to know what works for YOU.

If you get your best content created from 4 am to 7 am, then don’t coach any classes or take any training sessions during that time. Set your alarm, and get it done.

If you work best at night, then make sure you have that time free.

If you need an entire day, then do whatever you can to take an entire day (even if it’s only once a month).

I have a client that regularly books an air bnb for a week at a time to get his focus/planning time done.

Reflect and figure out what works for YOU. What do you NEED to do in order to get more work done?

Once you figure it out, rearrange your schedule and make it happen.

Let’s all get more done this year than we ever have before.


Make it an amazing day,

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