Part 2: The “E” Word Money Challenge

Yesterday, I challenged you to take a hard look at your “to-do” list and remove 5 things that didn’t NEED to be in there.

I got a ton of feedback back from that challenge yesterday- AWESOME job to everyone who did it!

A lot of people talked about how it was a big weight off of their shoulders or how it felt liberating or like bricks being lifted off of their chest.

That’s HUGE guys! Make sure that the things you’re spending your time on are WORTH spending your time on!

In case you missed yesterday’s post, check it out here (Click HERE)

shutterstock_piggy-bankOK- now for part two of the challenge!

Today’s Challenge: ELIMINATE all unnecessary expenses.

So many times we sign up for things and never end up using them!

Even if it’s a $5 subscription that seems insignificant, that $5 will add up over time.

Also, check for duplicate software that you can consolidate.

Are you in mail chimp AND aweber? Are you in lead pages and click funnels?

They do the same thing! Pick one and consolidate!

Your challenge today is to look through your bank accounts, credit card statements, paypal, and whatever other accounts you use….

and CANCEL subscriptions to programs or products that you’re not using.

Also consolidate your software subscriptions if you subscribe to two 2 or more of the same kind of software.

Get rid of “stuff” that is not enhancing your life or adding value to your business!

And- while you’re at it….if you haven’t looked in-depth at your statements in a while, make sure to take some time this weekend to do that and make sure everything is correct and looks good.

That’s about it for today. Happy saving!

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