Optimize For The Week… (not the day)

It’s inevitable. You’re going to have a bad day.

Not today 😉

But sometime in the future.

And you know what? Someone on your team is going to have a bad day too.

So expecting EVERY SINGLE DAY to be a 10/10?

It’s unrealistic. And it also means you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. Your expectations aren’t in alignment with reality.

And you know what happens when you fall behind one day on your tasks? It throws the WHOLE rest of the week off.

Then you feel like you’re behind. And here comes the stress and overwhelm.

Sound familiar?

But there’s a better way.

>> The new way: optimize for the WEEK.

When you do this, you anticipate that something is likely going to come up.

You give yourself SPACE for it. And if nothing pops up?

Or if you perfectly nailed the amount of time it was going to take you to do something ( the holy grail!)?….

Then guess what? You’ve got FREE TIME.

That’s time that you can use to get ahead — or fold some laundry, or go for a walk, whatever floats your boat.

It also helps you to prioritize more effectively, because you can’t put everything on your calendar anymore.

It forces you to be more strategic and intentional about how you spend your time…

And how your team spends theirs.

Just something I’m personally focusing on at the moment, so wanted to share.

Hope it’s helpful.


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