My 3 Tech “Must-Haves” To Run My Business

Right now, I’m sitting on a plan on the way up to Toronto.

I’m headed to a Raptors game tonight with my friend Stephanie Joanne. Tomorrow and Thursday, I’m going to a Strategic Coach mastermind to soak in as much as I can.

This has been on my mind for a few weeks to write to you….

At least 3 times a week (not kidding), I get an email from someone saying that “their computer died” or “I spilled water all over my computer” or “it crashed,” and they ask if I can send their access to the programs or products they’ve purchased in the past.

And ya know what? My response is ALWAYS the same.

“Absolutely- I’m more than happy to help! You’ll find your access info below.

On a side note- you should definitely check out Carbonite. It may just be the best $70 you’ll ever spend. It’ll automatically back-up your computer anytime you’re connected to the internet… so you’ll never lose anything important ever again. It has saved my a$$ more than once. Hope this helps. :-)”

There are a few things that as a business owner, I believe are a MUST to have. Here are 3 of my personal favorites:

#1. Carbonite: (or any kind of auto-back-up to the cloud) is one of them. Our lives are on our computers… one small easy download can save you a world of headaches.

#2. Last Pass: I use this pretty much on the daily. It’ll keep your passwords secure so you only have to remember one master password.

But this isn’t even the coolest part.

I use Last Pass to share passwords with my team and virtual assistants. When I share my passwords with others, I have the ability to “hide” the actual password…. so it shows up as a bunch of stars like this “******” on their screen. This way my password is completely secure. I can also block their access when the project is complete without having to change my password.

And… it’s totally FREE! This by far is one of my favorite things that I use in my business.

#3. UPDRAFT Auto-Backup: What would you do if your website crashes or your site got hacked? Well, it has happened to me, and it SUCKS. Updraft to the rescue.

You’ve worked so hard on getting your presence up online, don’t let anything get in your way.

Protect your site with an auto-backup. Updraft works great for me because I have WordPress. You may need to use something else if you use another platform. There’s a free and paid version.

Updraft automatically backs up my entire site each week (you can set it for as often as you’d like) and stores it automatically in my Dropbox account. **I do have to pay for additional storage in Dropbox. It’s minimal, and absolutely worth it!

I literally have to do NOTHING, and I can access my data anytime. #lifesaver

Just wanted to share these few resources while they were on my mind, because they can save you a MASSIVE amount of time and headaches for you in the future.

Make it an awesome and productive day,


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