“It’s Faster If I Do It Myself…”

This month we’re talking about installing new beliefs (and systems!) so you can grow your business faster — and have more fun — this year than ever before…

And one of the BIGGEST myths we believe as business owners when we start to delegate some of our work?

“It’s faster if I do it myself.”

Or… “I don’t have time to delegate.”

And sure, that may be true.

You may have waited until the very last minute to delegate something, and then you ran out of time to explain it to the person you’ve hired to help you.

And, you might actually be BETTER and FASTER than the person who’s there to help you!

But here’s where the problem starts…

What happens the NEXT time you need to delegate this same exact task?

You’re stuck doing it yourself AGAIN.

Once this happens a few times, you might even convince yourself that you DON’T need help and you can save yourself time and money by NOT outsourcing the work.


The truth is, delegation DOES take time…

At first.

But if you can get over that period of adjustment?

You’ll end up with a team that can take 80% of the work off your plate so you can focus on the 20% that you love and that generates the most revenue — and that’s the whole goal!

Some tips to make this process easier:

  • Give yourself and your team PLENTY of time to learn and adjust. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is a well-oiled team. When you start delegating, understand that there’s a learning curve for both you and your new team members. Be patient and provide clear, concise instructions (and plan some extra time for review and adjustments). This investment in time upfront will pay off tenfold down the line.

  • Document everything! If you create a bank of how-tos, templates, and guidelines as you go, you’ll not only make the training process smoother, but you’ll also end up with consistent, quality work. Plus, it saves you from having to explain the same task over and over again!

  • Communicate openly and frequently. You WILL have some tough conversations, but regular check-ins, constructive feedback, and being open to questions can make the transition for you AND your team a whole lot easier.

  • Set clear expectations and boundaries. Make sure you’re always defining the scope of work, deadlines, and quality standards right from the start. This helps manage expectations and reduces the chances of disappointment or frustration!

It may feel a little unnatural at first, but it’s worth it.

Eventually, you and your team will have your own “language” and “groove” that makes things go WAY faster than doing it yourself.

You’ve got this… just give it time 😉

Make it an amazing day,


P.S. If you’re struggling with this, I highly recommend picking up the book The One Thing by Gary W. Keller. I keep it on my desk at all times to remind me to ask myself, “What’s the ONE thing I can do right now that will make everything else easier?” You can grab it on Amazon here (and no this isn’t an affiliate link, I just love this book!).

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