I Do This Every Morning…

I got a LOT of emails back from my post earlier this week about “how to get out of overwhelm”.

If you missed it, you can click here.

To take that message a step forward, I wanted to share one quick thing I do EVERY day that helps me to stay focused and on track.

It’s kind of a spinoff of the 5-Minute Journal exercise (which I also do): “What would make today great?” – but it’s not that.

I set a VERY specific intention for my business. Every morning, ask myself:

“If I do _______ I’ll feel successful / fulfilled when my head hits the pillow tonight.”

I list out my 1-2 things, and then I make SURE I get those 1-2 things done before bed.

This helps me zero in on my top priorities that will move my business forward.

It’s also a “filter” that I use to reinforce the importance of the high-leverage activities in my mind, compared to anything else I may need to do that day.

When you start your day with a specific intention, you’ll live your day more PROactively, instead of REactively.

If you’re experiencing any stress or overwhelm, setting your daily intention should help you feel like you’re taking back control over your day and making real progress!

Give it a try for the next few days and let me know if it makes a difference 🙂

Make it a productive day,

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