How To Run An Insanely Effective Team Meeting

I get a lot of questions about how to build your team and create loyal employees….

and how to effectively run your team meetings.

Since there have been a few questions about growing your team and staff over the past couple of weeks in my Facebook Group…

I wanted to write this email to help everyone out…

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shutterstock_hands-with-mugsLet’s get back to the Team Meeting.

Let me show you HOW we structured our team meetings:

1. Welcome Everyone (duh!) We did our team meetings in the morning, and I always had breakfast for everyone (green smoothies, eggs, etc. My assistant would pick it up on the way in.)

2. Go around the room and say something POSITIVE that happened with one of our members that week. (1-minute max for each staff member) This is a great opportunity to celebrate our members and also ID the people that week who will get a card in the mail!

3. Go around the room and say something POSITIVE that’s going on in their own life! (1 min max each). This is AWESOME to find out more about your team and feel connected. Also- to celebrate each other’s wins that week!

4. I would do a 5-10 minute presentation on something related to personal development.

5. We would vote on our “Client Spotlight” who would be featured on our blog and on social media.

6. Announcements, Reminders, Important Upcoming Events, etc.

7. Questions, Comments, Etc.

8. 10-minute Presentation from Lead Trainer (anything that would educate our team on how to be a more effective trainer / coach.)

9. Go over schedule and take any vacation requests. (we would find coverage RIGHT THERE at the meeting for anyone who needed time off.)

10. Wrap-up and thank them!

That’s it! Pretty simple and effective flow.

I always had a print-out of the agenda with the details and gave a copy to each staff member.

Shouldn’t take more than 45-60 minutes.

If you’re not doing team meetings yet and you HAVE a team, I would strongly recommend you get something in place.

So how OFTEN should you be meeting with your staff?

I would say a minimum of once a month and a max of once a week.

To find your sweet spot- test it and find out! It will be different for every business.

Should you PAY your staff to be there?

Well, if they’re not on salary and you REQUIRE the meeting, then yes. At least in the US you’d be required to pay them.

I’ve always looked forward to our staff meetings.

It was a great chance to connect and grow as a team, to get real-time feedback and make sure everyone is on the same page.

I hope you found this template helpful! Customize it for your business and watch the magic happen!

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Make it a productive day!


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