Ninja FB Ads Tip + “Behind the Scenes”

I’ve got a really important “Behind the Scenes” message for you today, but FIRST…

I want to make sure you saw I officially launched my new “Fitness Business Freedom Formula” FB Group yesterday!

Over 300 fitness pro’s have already joined in the last 24 hours. (and it’s 100% F-R-E-E!)

I’m going to be posting videos, tools, resources, and some really killer stuff in there to help you grow and streamline your business.

And to kick it off, I uploaded a my Complete Fitness Business Systems Checklist in there.

It’ll break down EVERY area of your business that you should have a system for to be able to consistently generate multiple 6 and-7 figures in your fitness business.

I use it with ALL Of my coaching clients to uncover any “holes” or leaks they have in their businesses.

I also just shared a money-saving FB Ads tip in there yesterday:

shutterstock_ninja[FB Ads Tip] No need to select “English” when you’re running ads in an English speaking country. It’ll just up the $$ you spend on your ads.

To get more cool tips like this, always be up-to-date on “What’s Working NOW,” and to connect with some incredible fitness pro’s who are on their journey to success just like you….

Click HERE to Join My New Facebook Group NOW!! <——


OK- now on to something incredibly important….and I see a TON of fitness pro’s get distracted by this (and when I’m not hyper-focused, myself also!)

ALL too often, we get caught up in the whirlwind of social media…and what “everyone else” is doing.

In social media, we’re constantly surrounded by the successes of other people, their smiles and parties, and amazing friends and families.

Which…is all GREAT! However, what you NEVER see is the other side.

People always WANT you to think they have it all together- so of course that is what they’re posting all over the internet.

Most never share their REAL LIFE.

You don’t see the countless hours of HARD WORK they’re putting in, the sacrifices they’re making, the challenges and struggles they’re facing, the blood, sweat and tears they shed, and the road blocks that get in their way.

Most people ONLY share the skittles and rainbows in their life, and showcase their “highlight reel.”

So listen up here, because this is CRAZY important…..

NEVER compare your “Behind the Scenes” to someone else’s “Highlight Reel.”

This is really important for us as entrepreneurs, and also for our clients who are always playing the comparison game.

It’s far too easy to get sucked into that wind tunnel of comparison and like Theodore Roosevelt said: “Comparison is the Thief of Joy.”

Stay FOCUSED on your goals, surround yourself with like-minded people…

and use other people’s success to inspire, empower, and motivate you, instead of derail your path and lower your confidence.

If you want to surround yourself with other amazing fitness pro’s who support each other, ask questions, build relationships and celebrate each other’s wins…

then make sure to join my Facebook Group for Fitness Pros right now!

Hope you have an incredible day!
Alicia 🙂

P.S. GO LEO! It’s about freaken time!

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