How To Make Sure Your Challenge Flops


If you want to make sure people DON’T sign up for your challenge…

And you want to DON’T generate long-term clients…

And you DON’T want to be profitable…

Here’s what to do:

1. Under-price or over-price your program. Nothing says “I’m not sure what I’m doing” like a price tag that’s totally out of sync with the market or your other programs. Go too low and your challenge screams “bargain bin!” Price it too high and people will run.

But if you DO want a successful challenge, we found a sweet spot in pricing your challenge around 25% higher or lower than what it would cost for that SAME amount of time in your regular program (give or take a few %).

(For example, if you’re running a 6-week challenge and your regular membership is priced at $200/month, those same 6 weeks in your regular program would cost around $300. So, you’d price your challenge somewhere between $199 and $397.)

2. Wait to market your challenge until the very last minute. In fact, don’t bother with a marketing plan at all. Skip the warm-up emails, social posts, and potential affiliate promotions — we’re wingin’ it!

Or, if you change your mind and decide you DO want to build anticipation and have a huge flood of sign-ups…

You’ll want to map out a strategy that gives you plenty of time to market your program (and make adjustments if needed!) to hit your goals. We’re talking organic social content, marketing emails, Facebook ads, developing a referral/affiliate strategy, and even deciding how you’re going to get your current clients excited about your launch.

3. Don’t put a conversion plan in place before you launch (or at all). Why waste time figuring out how to turn challengers into long-term clients before the challenge starts? Surely they’ll figure it out and ask on their own!

Although, if you DON’T want to throw caution to the wind… you could always map out a plan on how to smoothly enroll your challengers into your ongoing coaching program before you launch (which we’ll talk more about in my next email!).

So there you have it…

Isn’t it exciting to fly by the seat of your pants?!

Although, if you’re anything like me and what I just said feels like running your nails on a chalkboard, you’re welcome to use my free Challenge Checklist here to make sure NONE of this happens to you 😉

Make it an amazing day,


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