Transformation Challenges Are Great, EXCEPT…

Over the last decade, almost NOTHING has been more pivotal in my business (and my clients’ businesses) than running transformation challenges.

Transformation challenges are:

  • A low-risk way for potential clients to experience you
  • Awesome for newbies to hyper-focus on their goals and get incredible results
  • A great way to keep current clients happy and engaged

And most importantly, people who sign up for a transformation program are basically raising their hand to tell you, “I need help and I’m ready to put in the work!”

Those are the PERFECT people for your higher-level programs!

Still, that magic transition from “challenger” to “long-term client” doesn’t happen on its own — and there IS such a thing as relying TOO heavily on challenges to carry your business.

The most common mistake?

Not having a clear client journey mapped out before your challenge starts.

Before you ever launch a challenge, it’s critical to ask yourself questions like…

What’s my follow-up strategy?

How (and when) will I invite challengers to take the next step with me?

Is my challenge priced within striking range of my ongoing coaching program so it’s a no-brainer transition for my challengers?

I’ll dive deeper into these questions (and a few more common mistakes) in my next post, so keep an eye out.

For now, start thinking about how your transformation challenges can be more than just a short-term engagement, and start thinking of them as your participants first stepping stone in a much longer journey with you.

Make it an amazing day,


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