How To Get AMAZING Social Proof From Your Challenges

How amazing would it be to get 10, 20, or even 50+ new testimonials EVERY time you launch a challenge?

Pretty great, right?

Well, in my last post, I mentioned how important tracking client progress is…

But I also mentioned the fact that SO many coaches don’t have a system for collecting social proof.

To me, this is a huge waste.

It’s incredibly motivating (and confidence-building!) for clients to actually see how far they have come…

And it’s KEY for you to be able to showcase these results and use them to inspire others to join your program… so they can make these same changes in their OWN life.

That’s why I wanted to share a few simple tips to make sure you walk away from EVERY challenge with the social proof you (and your clients!) deserve:

  1. Bake before/after photos & measurements right into your onboarding and offboarding flows. Tracking results should be considered PART of your program. Add it to your challenge “Getting Started” checklist, make sure you have email/text reminders if measurements and pics haven’t been collected yet, post flyers if you’re brick and mortar, and make announcements during coaching sessions. At the end of your challenge? Make sure you know exactly when and how you’re going to collect that info, too!
  2. Keep your results ORGANIZED. Make sure you’ve got a simple and seamless way to track and document client progress. A lot of CRMs can handle this for you, but if you’re using the good old “folder” system on your computer, make SURE that you’re renaming and organizing everything so you can find it easily later on. 🎯
  3. Get a photo/testimonial release form signed. Want to be able to use your jaw-dropping client results on your website, on social, or anywhere else in your marketing? Then you’ll definitely want to make sure you get their permission.
  4. Automate a feedback survey. One of the easiest ways to get written testimonials is to send an automated email survey when your program is over to collect feedback. Remember the quality of your responses will come from the quality of your questions.
  5. Systemize your Shout-Outs! You should be SO proud of the amazing results your clients get. And those results will help you attract even MORE amazing clients into your business. One of the strategies we use in The Content & Social Media Club is a “Win Wednesday” post where we provide fill-in-the-blank social proof posts. Having a regular cadence for sharing social proof will go a REALLY long way in attracting new clients and keeping your lead pipeline full!

For how much work goes into a challenge, it’s ALL worth it for the amazing results clients get (and of course, the additional revenue it brings in for your business!).

And to capitalize on those amazing results, systemizing your social proof is HUGE!

With just a few key systems in place, you’ll be shocked at how easy it is to keep up 💪

So, don’t be the coach who gets incredible results but doesn’t have ANY social proof to show for it!

Make it an amazing day,


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