How To Get A 99% New Consult Show-Rate

Ever schedule a consult and have them no-show you?

Me too.

There’s nothing worse than other people wasting your time.

I started using this exact strategy a little over 2 years ago, and since we started implementing it, I’ve only had ONE no-show in 2 years.cf

How do we do it? Here’s EXACTLY what we do…

It’s all in the pre-qual.

When we’re on the phone with someone (or if they stop into your facility for more info) we go through our regular pre-qual script.

Basically, we’re building rapport, making sure our program is within their budget, and then we schedule the consult.

BUT…instead of simply scheduling and confirming the consultation, we get their credit card info UP FRONT.

We let them know there is absolutely no-fee for the consultation, however if for any reason they don’t show up, they will be charged a $25 no-show fee. (I’ve seen people go as high as $125 for a no-show fee.)

My goal isn’t to scare them off, it’s just to make sure they’re serious about their consult and will be there for it!!

Since we started doing this, I’ve literally had only ONE person no-show a consultation in two years.

Sure- you’re going to have people who don’t want to give you their credit card up-front, but that is a condition of doing business with us.

Here’s a Tip: If people who don’t know you yet are hesitant to give you their credit card, tell them you completely understand! We let them know that we never used to have a policy like this, but we used to schedule appointments and would drive out to meet people who would not show up! So- we had to start implementing this. Then- once you’ve explained, you nicely ask for their cc again.

We don’t want to waste our time with people who aren’t serious.

This ONE strategy makes sure nearly 100% of our consults show up 🙂

Hope this helps you in your business!!

Live with Intention,


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