9 Daily Habits Of The Top 5% Of Fit Pro’s

So I’m about half way through The Slight Edge, and this jumped out at me:

Consistently Repeated Daily Actions + Time = Unconquerable Results

It’s basically the premise of the entire book….it’s the compounding effect.

It’s too easy to get caught up in the “instant gratification” world.

We plant seeds and then expect to harvest results right away.

Long-term success doesn’t work this way.cf

There’s a critical factor, TIME, that plays major role. This is your cultivation period.

It’s the period of time where you consistently and habitually put in focused efforts on a DAILY basis that will get you extraordinary results – these are success seeds. 

Too often we get caught up in the day-to-day (email, returning calls, billing, etc.) and we tend to push back the more important tasks that will grow our businesses.

These aren’t seeds at all- it’s more like just pulling weeds.

It’s great to have a weedless crop, but if you don’t plant any seeds, nothing’s going to grow.

Here’s the way is really works:  Plant –> Cultivate –> Harvest 

Be continually planting and cultivating, and you’ll see a MASSIVE harvest.

Here are a few daily habits that will compound into an incredible business and life:

  • Spend 1 hour of daily focused, uninterrupted time on marketing
  • Spend 1 hour of daily focused, uninterrupted time on systems or content creation
  • Have a 5-30 minute empowering morning ritual- INSTEAD of checking emails first thing
  • Without fail get in 3-5 workouts per week
  • Read at least 10-50 pages per day of a personal development book
  • Reach out to 1-3 NEW businesses or high leverage individuals daily to build a relationship
  • Spend at least 1 hour weekly and monthly to review numbers, marketing efforts, and your overall business
  • Eat a healthy, nutritious diet 80% or more of the time
  • Take regular, scheduled time off- away from your computer, your phone, and all technology to rest and rejuvenate your body and mind

Remember- these habits have to be done consistently and over a period of time.

You can’t just do it for a week and expect to see a payoff.

If it’s possible, try rearranging your schedule to accomplish some of these success habits early in the day.

Then- you can spend the rest of your day pulling weeds. 🙂

Happy Planting,


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