How I Saved $5000 On My Credit Card Processing Fees

Up until now, this is something I’ve only shared with my private coaching clients…

but this year I switched into a new merchant processor, and I have already saved OVER $5,000.00 in unnecessary credit card processing fees. No joke.

I’m always looking for ways to help my clients and readers make more money and KEEP more of what they make!! And this definitely falls into that category.

Gloria is my personal rep for all of my business accounts – and she has been absolutely AMAZING.

I always do my homework, and thought I had the best rate possible – but she put my old rates to shame.

She works with one of the biggest and most reliable merchant processing companies in the world; and payments are simple, secure, and reliable.

And….the money is deposited into my account the NEXT business day.

I wanted to see if she could help YOU in your business, like she did in mine, so I asked her if she would be willing to hop on a webinar and talk a little bit about the mysterious world of merchant processing and how it actually works.

Statements can be tricky and complicated to read…. and this is not something a lot of people talk about!

If you want to see if my rep, Gloria, can help YOU out in your business and save you money on merchant processing, fill out this short form (it will go directly to Gloria) bit.ly/FitProSave

Watch this Webinar if You:
—> If you are currently using Zen Planner, Paypal, Authorize.net, Pay Simple, or other company to process your payments.
—> You want to see if there is a way if you can reduce unnecessary merchant processing fees!
—> You want to simplify your monthly statements and be able to understand easily what everything on your statement means.

Don’t Watch it, IF:
—> If you use MindBody. They have their own in-house processor and do not work with other companies. (sorry!)

(HOWEVER- if you’re using MB, I strongly recommend that you call them up TODAY and get a review of your account and see if they can lower your fees! It’s definitely worth the phone call to find out.)

Webinar Replay:

Again, if you’re interested in seeing if Gloria can help you out, click here: bit.ly/FitProSave

Make it a profitable day!

Alicia 🙂 

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