We Had A Mandatory Evacuation…

Well….we had a mandatory evacuation on Wednesday at our condo on the beach from Hurricane Matthew…

I live just south of Cape Canaveral in Florida.

We headed over to Orlando for the week to ride out the storm. I was expecting to lose power- so I got out a bunch of flashlights and some really great books!

The good news is that (at least so far) we have not lost power yet and there’s no significant damage from the winds or rain.

Prayers go out to anyone in the path of the storm- especially Haiti where they have lost nearly 500 lives over the past couple of days.

If you’re interested in donating, the Red Cross has a donation page set up to support relief efforts from the hurricane.

Here’s the link: redcross.org/donate/donation (Make sure to select Hurricane Matthew in the dropdown).

Alright time to switch gears.

You now have LESS THAN 90 DAYS LEFT in 2016. You’ll be ringing in the New Year before you know it.

If you haven’t already, right NOW is the time to be positioning yourself for success over the holiday season and even thinking ahead to 2017 and how you’re going to maximize the New Year rush!

I used to fly by the seat of my pants… and it sucks.

It’s stressful, we missed deadlines, and the results are almost always less than what they COULD have been than if we had taken the time to prepare.

That’s exactly why I created my quarterly marketing and content calendar. This helped to keep us on track and organized so we always knew what was coming up and what we needed to prepare for.

A couple of weeks ago I shared my marketing calendar with you (Click HERE for your FREE Q4 Content & Marketing Calendar)

If you opened it up, glanced at it, and then never did anything with it…get your buns back over there!

Whether or not you use my exact template, I recommend that you put something together that works for YOU.

Something that helps you stay organized and ahead of the game.

Let’s finish out 2016 STRONG and reaching those goals that you set for yourself in the beginning of the year.

Your challenge today and this weekend is to make sure you’ve got your game plan in place for the remainder of this year.

Just get it done. You’ll be so glad you did!

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