Fixing “Broken” FB Ads

Ever poured your heart, soul, and some serious bucks into Facebook ads, only to be met with crickets?

We’ve aaaaallll been there.

And, even though it stings to see that you’ve spent more than you’ve made, it’s ALL good data…

IF you know how to read that data.

So before you swear off Facebook ads forever, here’s how to know what’s working (and what’s not) if you’ve got a campaign that just won’t convert.

Scenario #1: Click-through on your ad is up, but opt-ins or sales on your page are down.

This means people are resonating with the message in your ad, but there might be a disconnect from the messaging on your landing page.

The solution? See what you can bring from your ad into your headline and first few lines of copy on your sales page or opt-in page!

Scenario #2: Click-through on your ad is low, but when people DO hit your page… they convert.

Good news! Your page is probably great. But, your ad might be missing the mark — and it could be either your copy or your image.

To find out, run two tests:

1. Keep your original copy but change the image
2. Keep your original image but change the copy

Then, monitor which one does better!

Scenario #3: Click-through is low AND conversions are low.

If you’re shelling out money and not seeing ANY movement, it might be time to consider the broader audience targeting.

In other words, are you showing your ads to the right people? Have you split tested other audience segments? Now’s the time to try.

If that STILL doesn’t work, it might be time to revisit your offer or the quality of both your ads and the landing page you’re running traffic to.

All of this may FEEL overwhelming because it’s a game of trial and error…

But it’s really just about following the data.

Remember, like anything in business, it’s all about testing and tweaking!

Bottom line? Don’t give up on ads just yet. With the right approach and a little patience, you can make it work!

Make it an amazing day,


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