85% Of Buyers Wait More Than 90 Days To Buy

I was watching a video from Jeff Walker and Dean Jackson this morning and they were talking about the REAL value of leads.

I’m a big fan of Jeff and love all his stuff.  

We’re all (I’m including myself) are focused on converting leads into clients and buyers.  

Dean said something that hit home….cf

For leads that come in TODAY, just over 1/2 of the people who inquire about your services will likely end up buying something from you…..if you do it right.  

HOWEVER…Only 15% of buyers will buy in the first 90 days.  

85% of buyers wait MORE than 90 days to purchase (within 18 months).

The REAL value is taking a long-term approach and continually nurturing your email list.  

You may have heard the phrase “The Money is in the LIST” It’s SO true.

Make sure you’re building your email list DAILY.

And make sure you’re regularly emailing and nurturing them.  

How often?  At least once a week. 

Don’t hit them up hard when they first “raise their hand” and then forget about them…. You’re losing 85% of your buyers if you do that.  

Do that, and you’re no better than Tommy Boy and his naughty pet.

Happy Emailing 🙂


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