My ONE-sentence mindset shift to explode sales

I used to hate sales.

All I wanted to do was train people.

As a business owner, I quickly came to realize that you can be the BEST trainer in the world, but if you have no clients, you can’t help a single person reach their goals.

“Selling” is the only way to get there….it’s your RESPONSIBILITY to learn how to do it.

We’re selling something nearly every hour of the day.

Whether you’re trying to convince your girlfriend to go for sushi instead of staying home for dinner…cf

or persuading your dog to give him a bath without him having a major freakout…

or helping your client believe they CAN do one more rep – you’re selling.

It’s a very powerful skill set that as fitness professionals, we use to help people make their lives better.

It’s not some sleazy, greasy thing to mind-screw people around you to do something they don’t want t
o do.

During a consultation, someone is sitting in front of you because they need help and they can’t do it on their own.

This one sentence is something I remind myself of before EVERY Success Session… and something I train all of my staff on:

“I have the ability to change the course of this persons life- If I let them walk away without their commitment today, I’ve lost the ability to help this person change their life.”

Once someone has made it in front of me, you better believe I’m going to do everything I can to help them.

This is the one opportunity I have to change the course of someone’s life.

The only way I can help them is if they become a client and have them commit to their goals.

This mindset shift is incredibly powerful.

Right before you meet with your next prospect, remind yourself of the above sentence, and watch the difference it makes.