5 Crazy Important Tips To Maximize Your Q4 Calendar

4th quarter calendarYesterday, I shared my entire 4th quarter content and marketing calendar with you!

In case you missed it, here’s the link to check out my 4th Quarter Content & Marketing Calendar <—–

When you’re putting together your own calendar, you need to keep in mind a few REALLY IMPORTANT things.

I see too many business owners create amazing plans for their businesses, but seem to always end up falling behind.

It’s not because they have a lack of drive or ambition, it’s simply because:

1. They don’t prioritize their time to focus on their 5% 
2. They don’t take the time to plan properly and organize their game plan.
3. They underestimate how long it going to take to do certain tasks.

Here are a few strategies that will help you maximize your 4th Quarter Calendar:

1. Never do something just because you think you should be doing it or because it’s on your “list.”

You’ve already got enough to do as a business owner- the last thing you need to do is add something to your plate that’s not going to move your business forward or create leverage for you.

—> Make sure that if you decide to put something on your calendar, it’s there because it will either add value, create leverage, contribute to your growth, or help you fulfill your mission.

Remember the calendar I provided is just a guide. Make sure you create your own based on the needs of your individual business.

2. Assign an objective goal to each block on your calendar.

Each and every item on your calendar should have a goal associated with it. For example, if you decide to put on a Fall Nutrition Workshop in October, make sure you have a very specific goal associated with that.

Example: My goal is to fill my workshop on (date) with 30 of my ideal prospects. I will convert 25 of those 30 with a fast action offer to sign up for my 21-day Hot for the Holidays Transformation Challenge at $99.

3. Break down each block with your specific game plan including deadlines.

3a. Overall Strategy: Now that you know your goal is to get 30 of your ideal prospects in your Fall Nutrition Workshop, what do you need to do to make that happen?

Will you be sending emails to your list? Will you be giving your clients an incentive to invite their friends? Will you be running Facebook ads? Will you be putting flyers in stores in your community? What will you be doing to make this happen?

3b. Break it Down: Once you have your overall approach ironed out, break that down. Example: I will email my list on (date), (date), (date), (date), and (date). I will run a targeted fb ads campaign from (date) to (date). etc.

This is where your ideas really start to take life. Then….you need to figure out EXACTLY what you need to do to make THAT happen….

3c. Iron out your “Action Items” and assign deadline for each action item:

For your email campaign, you’ll need to write out all of your emails in advance. Emails that provide value and pitch your workshop. You’ll make sure to include a sense of urgency and scarcity in each email as well. You’ll set a deadline to complete that by (date) and have them uploaded into your auto-responder by (date).

For your fb ads campaign: you’ll need: landing page and thank you page (and ask yourself if you’ll be taking payment online for the workshop for registration), and autoresponders set up. You’ll also need your follow-up sequence (calls/ text reminders) organized so you know exactly when to reach out to your new prospects.

You’ll need your images for your fb ad, your ad copy, your targeting and other details for your fb ad. You’ll need to set your budget and set reminder to monitor your campaign for effectiveness. You’ll want to send your ad(s) in for approval BEFORE your run date to make sure that it gets approved and you’re set and ready to go so there are no hiccups.

4. Delegate what’s NOT in your 5% to your staff. (Make sure you provide detailed instructions, set clear expectations, and set deadlines for each task.)

5. TIME BLOCK your personal “action” tasks in your calendar for everything that YOU will be doing.

This will help keep you organized, on track, and will absolutely help you to manage your time better.

I know this email was a little longer than usual, but if you’ve read this far and you take action on these strategies, you will see a HUGE difference in your execution this quarter.

Make it a productive day,

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