Zazen Is Changing My Life….

Recently, I’ve been getting serious about something….and it’s starting to have a large impact on my life.

Even though I haven’t been doing it for that long, I’ve noticed some REAL and significant changes.

And even though this doesn’t have anything to do with running a fitness business, it has everything to do with running a fitness business.

I wanted to share it with you, also, in case this is something that could help you in your own life.

shutterstock_meditationI recently started practicing something called Zazen meditation.

I’ve been doing it every single day- and it has been incredible for me.

I’ve noticed more clarity, more patience, and more presence throughout my day.

I’ve also noticed a difference in the way I communicate when I’m speaking to people.

I’ve tried meditating before in the past, and would do it sporadically- and never could manage to get out my own head.

However Zazan is different.

You’re focused on a specific breathing technique, and if a thought does pop into your head, you acknowledge it, consciously let it go, and then begin your breathing count over again.

I started off literally just doing 1 minute per day. That’s it.

I’m now up to 10 minutes per day, and it seems like the fastest 10 minutes of my day!

I took a 4-week course on it to learn how to do it effectively (because I’m nerdy like that)….

But I found a great blog post that sums up the technique in case you want to check it out: www.lionsroar.com/how-to-practice-zazen/

You’ll learn how to sit, how to breathe, and what to do with your thoughts if they pop up in your head.

Anyway, I know this is different than my typical emails, but really wanted to share this with you because its making such a positive difference in my life.

If you already meditate- fantastic!!!

If you’ve don’t meditate regularly, I encourage you to check out the blog post I shared above, and the commit to meditating for just 1-minute per day for a month.

Anyone can find one minute to do this if you want to!

If you’re up for this challenge, join me over here in my Facebook Group and let me know 🙂

Hope you have an awesome day!!

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