How To Outsource Your Inbox…

We just had a great question asked yesterday in my Facebook Group by someone asking “how to have your assistant take over your emails.”

So…. I spelled out a step-by-step process for her, and wanted to share it with you also, because I see this come up a lot.

(also- I just posted a detailed “How to overcome the “That’s too expensive” money objection during your sales consults in my fb group…so make sure to check it out!)shutterstock_inbox

Back to your inbox….If you’re drowning in there, this is definitely something to consider.

Here you go!

How to Outsource Your Inbox

#1. Create a list of template responses for all FAQ’s and common email responses.

#2. Set up an info@, support@, or theirname@ email address

#3, for a few days, cc your admin / VA on all emails you send out so they can see how you’re responding to emails. (cover punctuation, how much time you expect a response, etc.)

#4. Once you’re confident that they are capable of doing a good job, make an announcement to your group that all email needs to be mailed to your assistant, and that you’ll still be there to help if anything needs your specific attention.

#5. On your auto-responders or broadcasts you send out from aweber, mailchimp, or whatever you use… change the “reply-to” email to the new one.

Also change it on your website and anywhere else you need to.

#6. Have your assistant cc you on ALL emails that they send back to people, so you can make sure they’re answering everything correctly and to your standards….

Give feedback regularly to them so they know what changes they need to make going forward.

Then, once you know they are doing a great job, have them take over from there!

Make sure you ALWAYS have a username and password to their email so you can log-in and answer emails in case they go out of town, and also to check in from time to time to make sure that they are doing their job correctly.

Also- people will STILL email you even though you tell them to email your assistant.

So- unless it is something you need to answer, simply reply and copy your assistant on the email, and say “Thanks for much for emailing me! I’m forwarding this email to my amazing assistant and he/she will be helping you out very shortly!”

That’s it! Hopefully you find this helpful!

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