The Power Of Asking “Who” Not “How”

Here’s a quick thought for you today…

In my last post, I went over 5 takeaways from the live Q1 Planning Session I hosted for our Content Club members.

In that post, one of the key takeaways was to let yourself dream big before worrying about HOW you’ll reach your goals.

But here’s one more note on the whole “how” ordeal…

Instead of just asking yourself “how” you’ll reach your goals…

I also want you to start asking yourself “WHO” will help you reach your goals.

Even if you don’t have a team, don’t want one, or feel like you can’t afford one right now…

None of us reach our goals alone.

For me, an important part of bringing my new vision to life has been joining a new mastermind.

The “WHO” that I needed right now was a mentor and peer group to be my extra set of eyes on my business, my mindset, and my life.

For you, it might be different.

Maybe it’s finding that one accountability partner who challenges you to stay on track.

It could be hiring a coach or finding a community of other driven coaches where you can share ideas and get feedback.

Or maybe, it’s about deepening connections with your existing network, reaching out to friends or colleagues who inspire you.

Remember, the “WHO” in your journey doesn’t always have to be a formal arrangement, a new hire, or a paid professional…

It can be anyone who adds value to your life and business — someone who listens, offers advice, shares experiences, or simply encourages you.

(It could even mean joining Content Club and hopping on our live coaching calls to get support and feedback!)

So as you plan for 2024, I encourage you to map out your ‘who’ list…

>> WHO do you need to help you bring your vision to life?

Think about how each person would play a role in your journey, and then start getting things in motion to make it happen!

To finding “your people” in 2024,


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