Step-by-Step: How to Create Your New Client Welcome Package!

When was the last time you got a “welcome package” or even a card in the mail from someone you did business with?  My guess is that it has been a while.  A LONG while.

I remember when I was a kid- that I LOVED to run to the mailbox to see what’s in there.  Back then, I didn’t have bills to pay, so the only thing that came in the mail for me were cards or random gifts from my family.  

Now- it’s a different story….. and it’s likely the same for your clients as well.  

Imagine your new client walking over to their mailbox, opening it up, and finding a package in there with your name on it!

It’s unexpected, gets them excited, and instantly they are going to wonder what’s inside!

This was one of our FAVORITE parts of our 90-Day New Client Onboarding system.  

It was just one of the things we did to over-deliver to our new clients.  To wow them, to make them feel special, and to welcome them into our fitness family.  

People LOVE IT.  In fact, they frequently take pictures of it and share it all over social media because they are so impressed! (win-win)

So how do you go about putting something like this together for your new clients?  

Step #1:  Pretend You ARE Your New Client!

That’s right.  Put yourself in their shoes.  How would YOU want to feel if you just joined as a client in your own fitness business?

What would you want to feel?  What do you want to experience?  What would BLOW YOU AWAY!?  

If you were a brand new client, and in that first week you signed up….you were walking over to your mailbox and found a package in there from your business…what would YOU want to be inside there?

What kinds of fun and motivational stuffers, educational resources, and tools would make a perfect addition to your welcome process?  

Step #2:  Brainstorm Your Welcome Package Wishlist

Now that you’ve got your brain thinking about what would be perfect to put inside there…. Start writing down your wishlist!

I recommend brainstorming for at least 20 minutes (include your team if you have one) about what kinds of things would be perfect to include in your new client welcome packages.  

And keep in mind- it doesn’t have to break the bank!  Even something simple like a handwritten card with their goals on it will go a long way.

It’s truly the thought that matters here.

If you’re just getting started- sending a nice card may be a perfect first step until you’re able to budget a little more for welcome packages.  

Here are a few great ideas to consider:

  • Handwritten Welcome Card / Letter (with their goals on it!)
  • Motivational Wristband with a card attached explaining what it means.
  • Nutrition / Food Journal
  • Branded Water Bottles / Shakers / Mugs / Thermoses
  • Sample Supplements  
  • Branded Motivational Shirt with your logo on it (or other apparel)
  • Coupons for workshops or other products / services you offer
  • Folder branded with your logo that is loaded with information about your mission and values, details about out program, and how you work with our clients.
  • Branded reusable grocery bags
  • Branded lacrosse ball for SMR
  • Book(s) that you love that you want your new clients to read.
  • Gifts from other local businesses that you’ve built relationships with (example free 30 min massage from a local spa, or a free smoothie from your local juice bar.) (these would be donated and should not cost you anything out of pocket.)

#3: Create your Onboarding Budget:

You’ll need to determine exactly how much you want to spend on your new client.  It really helps to know the lifetime value of your client here!  

Before I sold my fitness business, we kept our welcome packages under $45 per package.

Keep in mind these costs:

  • Printing Costs
  • Materials (+ shipping to arrive at your facility)
  • Stamps / Shipping (to the client)
  • Any additional payroll for stocking and preparing welcome packages

#4: Source Your Onboarding Materials!

Research and find sources for your materials.  A simple Google search online will give you a ton of great results.  

Personally, I love to shop local and support other local business owners…as long as it makes sense financially.  Make sure to do your research.  

For rebrandable journals, I recommend using Art at Private Label Fitness.  

#5.  Presentation COUNTS.  

Make sure you wrap up your package in a fun way!  

Consider using bright colored tissue paper (your brand colors of course!) to make your package more fun inside.

Also- we’d slap a big branded and colorful sticker with our logo that said “Open for Awesomeness” on it!

People immediately knew it was from us (and it was a pretty awesome sticker if I say so myself!)

#6.  Add it to Your New Client Onboarding System!

Track. Track. Track!

Once you’ve got your welcome packaged squared away and you know how you’re going to wrap it up, it’s time to add it to your Onboarding System.

Wherever you’re tracking your onboarding process- whether it’s a Google Spreadsheet, Trello, 17-Hats, Infusionsoft, etc… make sure you add it to your onboarding system so you can track it.

Whether a client joins tomorrow or joins in 3 months from now, you want them to have the same high-level, amazing experience no matter when they join!   

Consistency is the KEY!

On a final note…. remember this is ONLY going to be helpful if you take ACTION ON IT!

Block some time off in your schedule to get this done, and put a deadline on it.

Welcome packages are simple and easy, but they mean the world to your clients….. especially if you take two extra seconds to personalize it with their name and goals on it.  

Keep them as simple or as elaborate as you like.  Just makes sure that it makes sense for your business.

Hope this post gives you a few new ideas on how to over-deliver to your clients!

If you love systems like this- this is just a small part of my 90-day New Client Onboarding System that I break down in my Coaching Program.  

If you’re interested in learning how to add systems like this into your business, take 2 seconds to fill out the application (CLICK HERE to fill it out) and we can hop on a quick call to see if it’s a good fit.

Make it a productive day!


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