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I’ve got an eye-opener for you today that will 1) cut your stress and 2) make your marketing SO MUCH EASIER.

If your newsfeeds are anything like mine, you probably get bombarded with ads about the latest things that are “working” on social right now.

This hack, that trick, this new strategy, blahblahblah.

It can be so confusing – how do you know what to believe?

Where did they get their info from, anyway? And even if they KNOW, will their strategy even work a couple of months from now?

Trying to figure it all out can be so frustrating, and even worse, it can drain your energy and distract you from actually working ON your business!

There is a much better way … and it’s something that ALWAYS works … and is always in style.


Think about it. Where would YOU rather shop?

  1. A place where the people who work there actually CARE about you and who are consistently sharing tips and strategies to help you reach one of your goals?
  2. A place with flashy gimmicks, it’s always “buy my stuff!” – and you know that in the end, you’re still going to have to figure it all out on your own anyway?

Answer: Choice #1 all day, right?

Your clients and prospects feel the same way. They want to connect with someone they know, who they believe will actually CARE about helping them.

It’s your job to become that choice!

Best yet, it’s a simple process that requires ZERO super-secret “insider knowledge.”

FIRST: You attract prospects and turn them into clients by building trust and creating a CONNECTION. You do that by getting in front of them with info that edutains (educates and entertains!), inspires, and motivates – and helps them solve problems, with tangible results.

THEN: You nurture that RELATIONSHIP by being CONSISTENT. You keep showing up, day after day, so they know they can count on you.

This gets you out of the loop of searching for “hacks” and “tricks,” and lets you tap into exactly what your audience most wants and needs.

How refreshing is that?

You’ll never go wrong by consistently providing QUALITY content that educates, entertains, inspires, and builds community.

And we all know that FACEBOOK GROUPS are one of the BEST platforms out there to build community and connect with your tribe.

But the fact is that creating content takes time, planning, and effort!

Here’s the great news.

You don’t have to spend ANY of your time or energy creating all of that engaging, high-quality content every day for your community …

Because I’ve done it all FOR YOU!

I’ve created an entire YEAR’s worth content that’s perfect for anyone in the fitness, mindset, wellness, or health coaching space – posts for every single day of the week in 2020 (mon-fri)!

It’s so easy to use, and you can even delegate it or hire a VA to do it for you. (I’ll show you how.)

CLICK HERE to check out an entire week’s worth of content! <—-

REMEMBER: Your tribe isn’t on Facebook to be SOLD anything… they’re there to socialize, see what their friends are up to, check the news, and watch weird videos.

Your content needs to grab their attention and engage them.

Here’s a sample piece of content you can swipe for your own Facebook Group… post it and see what happens!

If you CONSISTENTLY post content that’s designed to inspire and motivate your tribe, you’ll watch your engagement increase – and with it, your client retention rate AND the number of new leads you generate!

And lucky for you, you can grab my 2020 Edition of Done-for-You Facebook Group Content!

Grab a year’s worth of weekly challenges, fitness and nutrition tips, recipes and engagement posts that will boost your “know, love, and trust” factor.

PLUS … you get an entire BONUS MONTH of extra content!

I’m excited for you to check it out!

Committed to Your Success,

See what the 2020 Done-for-You Facebook & Email System is all about <—–

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