How To Over-Deliver Without Lifting A Finger

Every new client deserves to feel like your ONLY client.

But how do you make that happen when there’s only one of you and only so many hours in the day?

The answer: automation.

(btw- automation doesn’t mean lack of a personal experience!)

So if you’re still manually onboarding clients, you’re not only stretching yourself too thin…

But you’re also risking inconsistency.

Think about it…

If YOU were just starting off as a new client in your own program:

How do you want to FEEL?

What questions would you have?

What expectations would you have?

What kind of ongoing coaching & support would you need?

What resources would you need to get unparalleled results?

How much accountability do you need?

What would blow you away?

(These are questions I pulled straight from my high-ticket coaching program, by the way!)

So, if you’re not already automating your onboarding process…

Here are 5 ways to create a consistent “VIP experience” without doing more legwork:

1. Start with a “New Client” email nurture series

Create a 90+ day email sequence that keeps your clients engaged, educated, and excited. This is also a great place to automate requests for reviews on platforms like Google and Facebook. You can even add a personal touch like a welcome video to increase engagement! *(HINT: Club members get an entire 90-day nurture sequence after their first 30 days in Content Club!)*

2. Systematize your phone and text follow-ups

Map out when you’ll check in with your clients via phone or text. I recommend doing this in your CRM so they come up as repeat tasks. To take the system a step further, use scripts so you never have to wonder what to say and so that any one of your team members could step in and help! (This is one GREAT way to automate the steps, but still keep the personal connection.)

3. Automate measurements and check-ins

Similar to phone and text follow-ups, you can automate tasks to remind you to check in with clients, get their measurements, and review their progress. This is so you’re both on track and can make adjustments as needed.

4. Put your welcome gifts on autopilot

To automate welcome gifts for new clients, you can set up a Zapier trigger that creates a task in Asana or whatever task management tool you use whenever a new client signs up or completes a purchase. That way, you never forget to send a gift!

5. Create a private client-only online community:

Think Facebook group or something similar. You can use this space for client retention, education, and community building. Automate regular content drops and foster engagement through scheduled posts and discussions.

This all takes up-front work — but it’s worth it!

When you systematize this process, you not only get your time back…

But you make sure every client is “wowed” from the moment they join without skipping a beat.

Make it an amazing day,


P.S. Overwhelmed at the thought of writing email sequences and creating content to keep your clients engaged? Content Club gives you a new customizable content every month so you’re never starting from scratch. Topics include meal prep, morning routines, smarter grocery shopping, heart health, efficient workouts, and more. (Oh, and you’ll also get an entire 90-day onboarding nurture sequence after your first 30 days.)

Head here to see what’s inside.

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