9 Killer Lead Magnet Ideas

Whoa. Bronchitis sucks. I rarely get sick- but this one got me good for the past 10 days.

Our ski trip to Vail turned into a Netflix marathon on the couch…

but at least we got a couple of solid days skiing before that happened.

The good news is that I’m back in action and ready to go!

I get a LOT of questions about Lead Magnets and what I’ve done in the past that has worked.

So today, I wanted to share a few ideas that (depending on your market) may work pretty well.shutterstock_magnet

But before I do…..I wanted to share my golden secret for AFTER a prospect opts in…


Once someone opts in for your lead magnet, why not send them to a thank you page with a VIDEO of you!

Thank them for trusting in you to deliver great information and tell them “what’s in it for them!” Invite them to take advantage of a fast-action bonus – like getting a free success session with YOU or something time-sensitive.

Also- make sure to strategically put a few client testimonials on the page somewhere.

Then….tell them what the next steps are for them and how they can access the content they signed up for.

Remember- people like to do business with PEOPLE.

Show your prospects that you’re real and care about them.

This’ll help build trust and make it easier for more people to take that next step.

Now, with that said….here are a few Lead Magnet Ideas!

(Lead Magnets are free, easy-to-consume pieces of content that deliver a high amount of value….and is exchanged for a prospects email address so you can market to them 🙂

  • 5-Day Detox or 3-Day Metabolic Jump Start Meal Plan
  • Recorded Workshop you did on Fat Loss or Nutrition
  • Your personal list of the Top 10 healthiest restaurants in your area
  • Video course on Fat Loss
  • Workout Calendar
  • Success Session with You (can throw in a mystery gift)
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group for Fat Loss
  • Giveaway / Contest for Free Supplements or Services
  • A “Swipe File” of your best workouts

Hopefully this list helps get your wheels turning!

I’d always recommend surveying your list to see what they want first- before you create it.

Hope you have an awesome day,

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