5 Different Online + Hybrid Models …

With so many of us in the fitness industry STILL unable to open our gyms …

and many fearing a “second wave” of the virus (and a 2nd lockdown to come with it) …

the online and hybrid fitness business is here to stay, whether we like it or not!

There’s still a lot of information overload, lack of clarity, and confusion about what to do next!

“What Do I Charge?”
“How Do I Fulfill Online?”
“How Do I Fulfill Hybrid?”
“How Do I Scale Online Training?”
“How Do I Even Sell It?”

We recently launched our Mavericks Mastermind, a lot of our charter members were struggling with clarity around these same things.

Many felt like their only options were to do really cheap, live zoom training sessions…

Or really expensive high ticket 12-week training programs…

And A LOT of Fit Pros don’t really like either of those options. It’s like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.

So one of our first trainings was HEAVILY dedicated to creating clarity around ALL of the models you can implement for an online or hybrid business.

And it turns out there are actually 5 solid, highly profitable models, with varied price points that you can implement, quickly and easily.

Here’s a helpful graphic and breakdown for you just to get an idea.

Let’s break them down …

1. In-Person + Hybrid FEO’s & Challenges

This is great if you can train clients in-person right now, but want the added revenue boost of online, on-demand training WITHOUT having to commit to doing it forever! It’s also a great way to “test the waters” with online.

2. Full Hybrid

This is a smooth, scalable model for having both in-person and online as an option (depending on the distance from your facility or safety concerns). Given the direction we may be headed in for the rest of 2020, this model can keep your business thriving during lockdowns or restrictions.

Hybrid is an ideal model for frequent travelers, parents of young children, and can help reduce freezes and cancellations.

3. Online Group Coaching

YES! You can go 100% online with your group training programs with TONS of individualization that’s SCALABLE. There are many variations of these of two main frameworks:

  • Create a “self-paced” program that large groups of clients can follow
  • Hold live virtual group workouts and deliver the rest of your content online

This model is a great fit for you don’t want to work in-person with your clients or manage the overhead of a facility. It gives you the freedom to work on your own schedule from anywhere in the world. It also gives your clients more flexibility to work training around their schedule.

4. High Ticket

By far the easiest to “Beta-Launch” to your existing audience without having to build funnels or run ads and get a fast ROI.

Many niches are BUILT FOR THIS because they are sooo specific on the problem they solve. It’s actually easier to dive into one specific problem here, rather than be an all-in-one resource for your clients.

High ticket programs are often customized for each client, but, if you have a sub-niche with high demand for the results you deliver, the sky is the limit.

5. High Volume, On-Demand Training

Very easy to bolt onto any of the previous models, and comes with minimal customer service and limitless scale. Your clients choose the workouts they want, when they want. You also don’t need to sell over the phone with this one!

Hopefully, this gives you at least an idea of what’s possible for your business.

Take some time to focus on YOU and what YOU want your business to look like.

We’re excited to be able to show you what’s possible.


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