3 Game-Changing Takeaways From My Mastermind In Toronto

I’m a lifelong learner. I LOVE reading, watching documentaries, and having real conversations with people who think differently and bring new ideas to the table.

If the high-school version of myself saw what I was like now, she would think I was abducted by an alien. #truestory

I’m a coach who believes in having a coach. In fact, I would NEVER be where I am today without investing in coaching.

I’m on pace to pass my impact (community & contribution) and financial goals this year, but there are ALWAYS ways to level up, tweak my game plan, and get another perspective on my business.

Plus, there’s nothing like surrounding yourself with passionate, driven, and abundant-minded entrepreneurs. 

This past weekend I was in Toronto for my own mastermind at Strategic Coach.

I wanted to share a few of the most valuable insights that I had from my experience and what had an impact on me and what I learned. So here they are…

#1. MANDATORY Free Days.

I’m now on a MANDATORY 1x per week free-day schedule.

I f***ing love business.  I love thinking about it and talking about it. I love brainstorming new ideas and dreaming about ways to make things better and more efficient and how I can over-deliver to my team and to my clients.

For me, committing to a FREE day every week where I’m not only NOT allowed to check my emails (this is the easy part), but will NOT be able to talk about business, think about business, or even watch Shark Tank or read something that will get my wheels going…. is definitely going to be a challenge.

But I’m up for it. In fact, I NEED it. I think we all need it.

There’s a time to grind it out and there’s a time for rest and recovery.

In fact, these free days aren’t looked at as rest and recovery days. They are booked into your schedule FIRST, before anything else.

Free days are not a “reward” for hard work. They are not taken because you “deserve” them. Free days are scheduled because they are KEY to helping you maximize periods of high achievement.

They are energizing and rejuvenating and they stimulate creativity, innovation, and higher levels of focus.

I’m 100% dedicated to creating a business that supports the LIFESTYLE that you want to live. I take days off from my business all of the time…. however my mind doesn’t always stop thinking about business.

So I’m excited for this new challenge to retrain my brain to focus on things OUTSIDE of my business!

I’d encourage you to give it a go also and see the difference it makes in your productivity and ability to focus when you are working.

#2. Learn NOT to be the “ANSWER PERSON.”

One of the goals in my business is to be hyper-focused on my 5%. I plan on eliminating, automating, or delegating nearly everything in that 95%.

Of course, this doesn’t happen overnight….but the goal is that over time, I’ll get closer and closer to performing 100% in this zone.

The things you LOVE doing and the things that only YOU can and should be doing should comprise your 5%. What’s in that magical 5% is different for each of us…and will shift as we grow and scale our businesses.

This past weekend, I had an “AH-HA” moment!

I mentioned to my coach that on days when I’m SOLELY focused on
my 5% and on activities that move my business forward…it will be nearly impossible for me to not check my email at least once in that 24-hour period.

You know what he said? He said… “Alicia, that’s because at some level you’re still the answer person in your business.”

Ding. Ding. Ding.

If I’m going to spend more and more days focused ON my business rather than in it, I need to train someone on my team to be that “answer person”.

I’m still 100% responsible for the vision and for making sure everyone is aligned with our goals and values. However, it comes down to trusting even more in my team and empowering them to make decisions….without having to run everything by me.

I already do this to some extent- but I can get better at it. Because I’m a bit of a control freak (I’m guessing you are also…most entrepreneurs are)…it will be a process.

This reminds me of how I felt about 8 years ago when I hired my first full-time assistant. It was incredibly liberating and I wish I had hired her sooner.

I’m committed to excellence and to being the best possible coach and leader I can be, so I’m all in.

Are you the “answer person” in your business?

Think about how that question and how it plays in the bigger picture of your business and how it relates to your lifestyle goals. Just some food for thought!

#3. Surround Yourself with People who have “BATTERIES INCLUDED!”

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I love to talk about how important it is to surround yourself with abundant-minded, driven people who support you and who challenge you to be your best. 

In fact, these people should make up your tight inner circle, and the people you spend MOST of your time with. Your network = your net worth, right?

Think about the top 5 people you spend the MOST amount of time with. 

Literally….make a list with their names and write them down.

Now think about this: When you spend TIME with them….do you feel more or less energized afterward?

Do they spend time around you because you’re always positive and loaded with energy, and are soaking in your energy? Or do they bring their own energy to the table so you end up with a super-charged conversation?

Do they come with “batteries included?” Or are they draining YOUR batteries!?

The next time you’re spending time with your inner circle (including the people on your team)….pay close attention to see if they are draining your energy, (or if you’re draining theirs….GASP!), or if you’re BOTH leaving the conversation energized and fired up!

The goal, of course, is to keep your inner circle filled with people who ALREADY come with their “Batteries Included.”

So that about wraps it up!

Hope you found value in here that you can apply or try out in your own business and life!

Make it a productive day,

Alicia 🙂

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