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Next weekend, I’m having 16 incredible fitness business owners over to my beach condo for our first mastermind weekend!

These are all people who are currently enrolled in my 8-Week Systems Course or have successfully graduated and joined my mastermind.

After working with some of them for months, I’m SO excited to meet everyone in person and give them a big hug!!!

There are 3 areas we’re going be focused on (besides diving deep into their businesses of course!):

shutterstock_2285439101. We’re going to be hyper-focused on putting together 2017 marketing & content calendar and build out their next 90-Day action plan in DETAIL.

2. We’re going to focus on using systems, automation, and delegation to identify areas where they can get some of their time back so they can have more freedom.

3. We’re going to seek out additional revenue streams that will increase profitability in their business that fulfills the following 3 qualifications:

  • Adds more value and helps deliver better results to their clients
  • Adds more money to their bottom line
  • Is scalable and creates leverage within their company

These are highly important areas to pay attention to in your business- especially this time of year.

The holidays and the New Year rush will come and go before you know it. It’s time to start playing offense instead of defense.

That means being PROACTIVE instead of REACTIVE.

That requires taking inventory of what’s going on in your business, reflecting on this past year, and identifying areas of personal growth that is required for you to achieve that next level.

That requires PLANNING.

I highly encourage you to print out this blog post and spend some time working on these same 3 areas that my clients will be focused on next weekend….

and ask yourself the important questions that will force you to think a little differently.

Take inventory, reflect, and identify areas where YOU need to grow.

P.S. If you’re interested in learning more about my 8-Week Systems Program for fitness business owners, check it out here – http://fitproaccelerator.com/

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