I Sold My Business

I’ve got a pretty big announcement today…

I SOLD my 3 locations of Forte Fitness in Central Florida three months ago. 

I was waiting until the official transition period was over (which was yesterday) to make the announcement.  

Over the years, I’ve built my group and personal training business to help other people transform their lives, and not surprisingly, it ended up completely transforming mine.  

shutterstock_next-chapterIt has been some of the BEST years of my life, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  

Over the past 4-5 years I’ve been working with other fitness pro’s helping them to grow and systemize their businesses…and I’ve developed a HUGE passion for it.

I’m in love with the fitness industry and the change that we’re able to create.  I also LOVE creating systems, meal plans and other done-for-you resources to make life easier for fitness professionals.  

I know how hard fitness professionals work, and I knew I wanted to “eventually” work on FitPro Essentials full time.  

I made a tough decision last year, and decided that I wanted to sell my off-line business in the next 2-3 years.  However the absolute PERFECT person came along and it happened a lot earlier than I planned. 

I’ve sold millions of dollars in revenue in a business I created from scratch, employed a team of 5 people, transformed thousands of lives, and was able to sell my business for a substantial profit.  

The reason I was able to sell my business was because I had created SYSTEMS. 

Systems are the foundation, the process, the step-by-step order that every single intention in your business follows to get a desired result.  

I was able to step out as “business owner” and have someone completely new to step in, because of the systems I’ve developed.  

I’m really excited to announce that I’m now able to work on Fit Pro Essentials FULL TIME!  I’ve got some incredible things in store and a ton of resources that I have plans to create for you.  

First up is going to be my 2016 Facebook Product- which will provide all-new, 100% original copy-and-paste content for your private Facebook group to boost retention.  (launching early December 2015)

Next, is going to be an all-new transformation challenge (similar to my LBD- but entirely new concept) with meal plans, grocery lists, success manual, and everything you need to dominate your New Year’s Challenge.  It’ll be for BOTH men and women. (launch expected very early January) 

Then, I’m planning on focusing on helping you to develop systems within your business.  

I’m also working on some top-secret software that will change the way you run your business.   

I’m very excited about the next chapter and am looking forward to creating resources and tools to help make your life easier and help you deliver even better results to your clients. 

Committed to Your Success,


PS.  I’m actually also a part-owner in a fitness business in North Carolina.  I’ll always stay current and know what’s working NOW in the industry.  It’s going to be our fitness “test kitchen” for new strategies and ideas.  

PSS. Thank you for being a loyal reader.  I truly appreciate you and am looking forward to what is in store!

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