Getting Ahead Of The Holiday Noise ‍‍

Ah, September…

Feels like the calm before the storm, right?

In about 30 days from now:

  • Holiday deals will start inundating everyone’s newsfeed and inbox
  • Ad costs will get higher
  • And potential clients will start turning their attention to holiday plans, vacations, and spending their money on gifts

That means NOW is the best time to start planning and executing your marketing strategy for the rest of the year.

Some questions to ask yourself over the next week or so:

  1. What are 1-2 “slam dunk” offers I want to focus on selling between now and 2024?
  2. How can I start priming my audience NOW to be ready for those offers?
  3. What deadline am I giving myself to have my holiday sales funnels, emails, and other content created and live? And most importantly…
  4. How will I get this all done without sacrificing my “me” time, health, social life, or family time?

These next few months will pass by quicker than you think…

So this year, I’m challenging you to get your strategy squared away sooner rather than later.

And if it feels overwhelming?

List all of your ideas, tasks, and potential deadlines out — then see what you can cut.

This last quarter of the year is all about doubling down on what works and finishing strong…

Not throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks.

Ready to crush these next few months?

Here’s to getting ahead and getting it done!


P.S. Need a sounding board for your end-of-year marketing ideas? My FREE Facebook Group is all ears!

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