Step-by-Step Client Reactivation Campaign

If you’re not running a monthly “Client Reactivation Campaign,” you’re probably missing out on a HUGE opportunity each and every month.

This is a simple system I believe almost EVERY fitness and wellness business needs to have in place.

A Client Reactivation System is simple campaign that entices past clients to come back into your program.

Clients leave for various reasons….and this is a FAB strategy to get people back in through the doors.

If they weren’t a “problem” client and you want them back, then follow this simple framework to get people back in.

#1. TRACK Your Leaving Clients.

shutterstock_come-backAfter all, you won’t know who to reactivate if you don’t have a list of people, right?

I recommend keeping a separate Google Doc (or your CRM if it has that potential) to track:

  • Client Name, Contact Info, Membership Option (PT, Boot Camp, etc.), Membership Start Date, Membership End Date, Reason for Leaving

#2. Choose Your Time Frame.

Determine HOW long after a client leaves that you want to funnel them through your reactivation campaign.

For us, we always ran our reactivation campaign 6-months after they left our program. However, I’ve seen reactivation campaigns successfully run up to 3-months after a client leaves.

#3. Determine Your Reactivation Offer.

We gave our past clients a NO-BRAINER offer to come back to our program. (Like Groupon no-brainer).

Our offer was $49 for a month of group fitness training and a done-for-you meal plan. (I told you it was a no-brainer! Also- remember these people are already pre-qualified because they used to be members.)

Our reactivation campaign was actually the lowest price we ever sold our program for. Our goal was NOT to make money on the front end (though we never lost money.)

**Marketing tip: Never leave your offer open-ended. Make sure you have a sense of urgency (ex. if you contact them on Monday, you make sure you let them know the offer expires on Friday).

Our goal was simply to entice our past clients to come back in for a FEO. We KNEW that if they came back for a short time, almost all of them would stay on with us afterwards.

In fact, every single month we’d reactivate a minimum of 20% into the FEO. Of those 20%, we typically closed over 90% of them back into a regular membership.

Select an offer that will be a no-brainer for your past clients.

#4. What’s Your Angle?

When you reach out to past clients and invite them back in, what’s the HOOK that you’re going to use to bring them back?

How have things changed since they left? What improvements have you made to the program? What new cool things have you added?

This literally could be anything. It also could be that you just really loved having them as a member of your program and would love to have them back! Whatever it is, be genuine and authentic.

#5. Create your Campaign.

You need to build out your entire process for your reactivations.

Craft your phone call scripts, text messages, and email follow-ups. Calling people one time and inviting them back in is NOT a campaign. You’ll need a sequence of follow-ups.

One example could be:

  • Monday: Phone call (if no answer voicemail, and follow-up email)
  • Tuesday: Text Message
  • Wednesday: Email
  • Friday: Last Chance Phone Call & Email

Whatever process you want to use, make sure you build out your scripts.

#6. TRACK your Reactivation Campaign Numbers.

Track your calls, emails, and EVERYTHING to make sure it all gets done properly.

That way, you’ll know your numbers and if there is any part of your process that you need to adjust or tweak.

We would run this system every single month for clients who left 6-months ago…. and it’s HIGHLY effective!

So there you have it!!

This system should only take about 3-hours max to create (if that much). Don’t overthink it.

If you don’t have a reactivation campaign in place, you’re losing out on a LOT of opportunity.

Happy Reactivating 🙂

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