Travel Workouts

Done-For-You Rebrandable Travel Workouts:

20 Travel Workouts to Give or Sell to your Clients so they can keep up with their programming while they’re on Vacation or Traveling for Work!

ECOVER-TRAVEL-V3-3D11-198x300Attention Boot Camp Owners & Fitness Pro’s: Your Clients travel from time to time….but you STILL want them to get great results.

Now, you don’t have to spend any more time writing up workouts for them to do while they’re out of town.

I’ve created a downloadable “20-Travel Workouts Manual” (with an exercise description section complete with pictures) for you to either give or SELL to your clients!

It’s as easy as inserting your logo to market to your local business!

And…the best part is, you can rebrand them with your logo and make any changes you choose.

Here’s How You Can Use These to Add Value to Your Clients & Prospects:

  • Sell them to Your Current Clients as an additional revenue stream (we suggest anywhere from $19-$29)
  • Use as a Bonus for Signing up for a Program or Service
  • Use as a Prize for a Contest or Challenge
  • Show Your Appreciation for certain members by sending this as a surprise gift if someone is going on vacation or on a trip!

This is GREAT for keeping your client retention HIGH during the summer months and over the holidays. 

It’s also great to give to your clients as a “NO EXCUSE” way for them to keep up with their workouts while out of town!

Included are 20 of our BEST boot camp workouts made “travel” friendly…. so your clients can literally do them ANYWHERE! 

  • Most workouts are 100% body-weight exercises so they won’t need any equipment
  • You can can do these IN any hotel room
  • There are a handful of workouts with weights in case their hotel has a small gym or weight room.

Because they are ALL metabolic conditioning workouts, they will only take your clients 20, 30, or 40 minutes to complete….and they are EXTREMELY effective.

The 20-Travel Workouts come with a complete description manual so your clients will have pictures and detailed descriptions of every exercise included in the workouts.

Now your clients don’t have to feel guilty when they travel anymore… and YOU don’t have to spend extra time writing up workouts for them to do while they are out of town!

Ready to get your Done-for-You Travel Workouts Manual?


(Only $29 USD for Your Done-for-You Travel Workouts)

(This is a digital product only, nothing will be mailed.  Once you purchase your Travel Workouts, you will gain immediate access.)