How Would You like a Done-for-You Transformation Challenge that'll Deliver INCREDIBLE Results to your Members, Attract New Clients, & Add HUGE PROFITS to your Bottom Line?

Dear Fellow Fitness Pro,

As a fitness business owner, we do it all.

To be successful, we have to become marketers, relationship builders, problem solvers, sales people, content creators, website wizards, billing experts, lease negotiators, managers, and the list goes on.

This is all in addition to being a kick a** fitness professional and constantly adding value to give our clients the best experience possible and delivering incredible results!

It's nearly impossible to do it all by yourself without losing your mind.

Over the last 8 years, I've been incredibly fortunate to have built a ridiculously awesome team and created systems that have allowed me to focus ON my business instead of in it.

It's also given me the time and freedom to start Fit Pro Essentials, where I can help fitness professionals like YOU to grow multiple 6-figure businesses like I've done.

I now spend my time creating new programs and experiences for my clients to help keep them engaged, motivated, and deliver unparalleled results.

Our transformation challenges are our secret weapon- for both results and lead generation.

In fact, the one I'm sharing with you today, has been by FAR the most profitable program I have ever run in my fitness business.

The first time I ran this challenge, we brought in over 22k in revenue.

The Little Black Dress Project has been life-changing for our clients, and game-changing for my business.

This program is designed to empower women to feel more self-confidence, lose weight, and feel like a strong and sexy woman.

I've been tweaking it over the past 2 years to make it perfect and get the best results possible.

I have a co-ed program, and run this one especially for the ladies!

We even have a special LBD party at the end of the challenge where everyone puts on their little black dress to celebrate their success!

It literally has EVERYTHING you need to run a successful transformation challenge in your business...

Here's Everything You'll Get:

  • 6-Weeks of Clean Meal Plans (Dietician Approved)
  • Weekly Print & Go Grocery Lists
  • Complete LBD Success Manual
  • LBD Signature Recipe Manual
  • 42-Days of Done-for-You "LBD Daily Dose" Inspirational Emails
  • Nutritional Swaps Client Handouts
  • Goal-Setting LBD Worksheets
  • Measurement Sheets
  • Copy & Paste Graphics for your Marketing & Emails


  • Complete Quick Start Checklist
  • LBD Goal Card Scripts
  • Check-in Call Scripts
  • LBD Pricing Guide

I'm SO confident that you're going to love this program, that I'm giving you a 30-Day, no questions asked Money Back Guarantee.

This is my signature program that I use in my own fitness business, and I am 100% sure that you are going to get incredible results with your clients and boost your bottom line in your business.

There's no risk, so pick this up while it's available!

Get The Little Black Dress Project Challenge for only Only $297!

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(NOT available for use in Orlando or
St. Pete Florida. Is NOT to be sold
as an "online-only" program. This CAN be
marketed online, but you must work
with with your clients in person.)

It takes HOURS to put together a transformation challenge.

You have to create the meal plan, test the recipes, tweak the recipes, and then send off to get a stamp of approval from the dietician.

Then you have to create the grocery lists, write up the success manual, and write up the daily emails to keep your members on track.

It's a tedious process when you do it the right way.

I've done ALL of the hard work for you.

I've tested it and tweaked it to make it the best program it can be....

And now it's all YOURS to run in your program!

  • Make Your Investment Back with a SINGLE Sale

    I’ve charged new clients anywhere from $99-$299 for this program.

    You’ll easily make your return on investment if only ONE person buys it!

    This is our most profitable challenges, and you’ll see a MASSIVE ROI from this program.

  • Use Seamlessly with Your Current Program

    The Little Black Dress Project fits in seamlessly with any fitness or workout program like boot camps or other group fitness programs.

    We offer it to our new members for an additional $49, and also use it as a powerful lead generation tool.

  • Save Valuable Time & Money

    This program will save you HOURS of time putting together your own transformation challenge.

    Don’t spend your valuable time doing something you don’t need to! This is a PROVEN system that gets results.

  • Improve Client Retention

    It’s simple. Clients stay and refer when they get results and they love the program they are doing.

    We get an incredible amount of referrals when we run this challenge because we give them more than just results- we create an EXPERIENCE for them.

    Of all the challenges we run, The LBD Project converts the highest amount of new challenges to regular membership.

To give you an inside look, here's the VIDEO promo I used last time I ran this challenge in my business...

And HERE are More Testimonials from My Clients:

And You'll Even Get...


For taking action right now, you'll also get...

#1: Complete Getting Started Checklist: A comprehensive checklist of everything you need to do to be successful & maximize profits during your LBD Challenge.

#2: LBD Goal Card Scripts: Samples of the exact cards that I send to my clients in the mail so you can copy and paste.

#3: Check-in Call Scripts: So you’ll know exactly what to say to hold your clients accountable during their challenge.

#4: LBD Pricing Guide To show you exactly how to price your challenge!


Get The Little Black Dress Project
Challenge for only Only $297!

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(NOT available for use in Orlando or St. Pete Florida.
Is NOT to be sold as an "online-only" program. This CAN be
marketed online, but you must work with with your clients in person.)

Stop wasting time and energy trying to do it all by yourself!

Grab my 100% Done-for-You Transformation Challenge while it's still available!

Looking Forward To Your Success,

P.S. Don't forget this entire program is 100% DONE-FOR-YOU. All you need to do is copy and paste!

It's a results-oriented, profit-generating, plug and play system that you will LOVE.

**This program is formatted as a downloadable .doc file so you will be able to make any edits or changes that you want!

***Once you order, you'll have INSTANT ACCESS to the program.

****This program is NOT able to be sold as an online-only product.